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Creating Evergreen Content: Five Essentials to Follow

Evergreen simply means something that stays fresh forever, and this is exactly what you want for your content. In a more technical term “evergreen content” would mean content that is long-lasting with a relevance that does not fade after it is published on the Internet.

Evergreen content is timeless. For example, a “how-to” article never become irrelevant — there are always people looking for such guides on a myriad of topics.

Take a look at the five essentials discussed below to get a better understanding of evergreen content and its requirements.

Think about content that won’t change much

The first and foremost need of an evergreen content is a topic that can retain its relevance and value for the long-term.

For example, writing about places to visit in winter will only attract readers who are planning their vacations during that season but, if you write about places to visit with your friends, this topic is not particular to any season and will attract readers planning vacations at all times of the year.

You must chose a timeless topic that stays fresh such as parenting tips, recipes and how-to articles — none of these have a time-frame and are continuously being searched for on the Internet.

Narrow your content and write specific pieces

Choosing a broad topic has several disadvantages. For one, a broad topic has likely been covered by a lot of other writers. If your article is lengthy, readers will not make the effort to read your piece when there are so many other on the same topic. Lastly, readers want to get specific ideas, not generalized tips, on their topic of interest. For instance, instead of writing about how to bring more traffic to your blog, write about how to use SEO to garner traffic — the latter is more specific and will gather and sustain the attention of your targeted audience.

More focused content has another advantage over broad content — it gives you the ability to link articles about specific topics which, in turn, encourages your audience to read all of them rather than just one. For example, how to unlock the bootloader on your HTC M8 and how to root your unlocked HTC M8 are two separate topics that can be linked together. Once a visitor reads one, he is sure to visit the other piece too if they are linked.

Glossaries, How-to lists and History rule well

Glossaries never get old as long as there are people talking, reading and listening. Similarly, how-to articles are an evergreen content gem because people continually turn to the Internet for help on how to do things like start a blog, how to save money with coupons, how to publish using WordPress, how to build six-pack abs and so on. Historical posts are popular as educational tools. Writing about How Bill Gates started Microsoft, or how SEO and WordPress turned the web into a communication platform will continue to attract readers.

Keep updating the content on a regular basis

In conclusion, it is essential to regularly update your content. Though by now you must have an impression that evergreen content retains its value once posted, to keep it really fresh, it is wise to do periodic updates. This will help sustain your readers’ interest and attention.

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