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Apple Patent Shows Ability to Track Devices, Assist in Route Map

iPad and iPhone users may, in the near future, be able to not only locate one another but track each other’s movements.

appleA new patent awarded to Apple shows the company aims to take its Find My Friends app even further with an added ability to track the movements of other iPad and iPhones — but only when they are granted permission to do so by the user.

It sounds sort of creepy at first but, in fact, the patent shows that’s just one feature that could be included in the patent.

As Tech Crunch noted, the new application could mean helping a friend find their way on a route you’ve already traveled or communicating via a map while taking a road trip. Users will be able to share information through maps, points of interest and other waypoint information.

“For example, while the first user is driving a car, she could be running a maps application on the first device, and share the path she is travelling with the user of the second device while the second user is also driving a car,” the patent description explains.

“The second device could then display the path in an instance of the maps application running on the second device, or the second device could display directions the second user could use to follow the first user, or the second device could generate spoken word directions the second user could use to follow the first user, all in real time.”

However, the patent does not limit the possibilities to two people keeping track of one another.

Apple noted in its application one device could be held by animals or even robots. Essentially, the application is for a beacon tracking patent.

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