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Google to Debut Bill Paying Capability Via Gmail: Report

Google reportedly wants to bring finance to Gmail with a new service that will enable users to pay their bills right through their e-mail, according to documents obtained by Re/code.

Users will receive bills in their e-mail inbox via the new service dubbed the Pony Express. It will, apparently, link directly to users’ bank accounts or debit cards.

It is not yet known if Pony Express will be the name of the service, or if it is just a code name, but the documents did reveal signing up for the service could mean revealing a lot of personal data.

Aside from the usual name and address, people will likely need to provide all or part of their Social Security number, their credit card number and telephone service account number to a third-party company that will vet each person’s identity.

Google is thought to be partnering with these third-party vendors that print and mail out bills on behalf of insurance companies, telecom companies and utilities. The documents did not reveal if Google is also working directly with the service providers themselves.

Once a person has registered, he or she will then be able to pay bills through Gmail or Inbox, a service Google introduced last fall that better categorizes e-mails and displays important information such as flight itineraries, event information, and photos and documents from friends and family.

The service is expected to launch during the final quarter of this year, according to the Re/code article.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the accuracy of the report.

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