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Hand-Tracking Technology Part of Leap Motion’s VR Set

Motion control set-up is coming to the OSVR Hacker Development Kit.

Leap MotionLeap Motion announced Wednesday it will be adding the hand-tracking technology to kit, a piece of open source hardware scheduled to be released later this year. Despite its initial release as a non-VR gesture interface, the Leap Motion has grown to be one of the most popular virtual reality controllers.

“The addition of the OSVR faceplate with Leap Motion will make the HDK the first-to-market virtual reality headset with fully integrated motion control technology. This also marks the first in a future lineup of virtual reality headsets with embedded Leap Motion hardware and software,” the company stated in a blog entry.

There’s no lack of VR headsets coming on the market but, as The Verge reports, the OSVR set is not intended as a direct competitor to those products. Rather, the idea is to have it as a tool for developers.

“I think it is so developers have access to a standard form of input,” Leap Motion CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald stated.

He added it is important developers be given the appropriate tools so they won’t be battling a “world of fragmentation” by using controllers that are inadequate.

In the blog entry, Leap Motion stressed Buckwald’s view by noting the future of VR lies in users’ ability to reach into those realities with their own hands.

“The benefit to having motion control technology embedded in a VR headset is twofold: developers know what type of input they’re designing for, and consumers get a consistent experience every time,” the entry explained.

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