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WhatsApp Voice Dialing Expected in Coming Weeks

Android and iOS users of WhatsApp will soon be able to voice dial with the popular application.

Image courtesy of (adamr) /
Image courtesy of (adamr) /

In fact, reports are already sneaking out that some Apple customers have been seen using the voice dialing option. If those reports are true it means engineers are already in the trial phase. It shouldn’t be a surprise — WhatsApp announced late last year it would be adding the feature to its popular messaging platform.

Facebook now owns WhatsApp and at the Mobile World Congress in Spain last year it was revealed plans were in place to allow WhatsApp users to voice call one another, reports Tech Central. That, of course, means users won’t have to rely on their carriers for minutes and calls.

Currently, no one at WhatsApp or Facebook has come out with an official announcement or date on the feature — other than what was revealed last year — but there have been some leaks and workarounds shared at various sites including Tech Worm. Those leaks point to an availability by the end of April on all iPhones and Windows Phones.

Blackberry users, supposedly, are going to have to wait awhile longer before it is available on their OS.

The voice dialing, though, is just one of a handful of new features to be included in the latest update, Bitbag reports.

One of the new features — and a fairly cool one — will allow users to share their locations with one another. This means it’ll be easier to meet up with friends or schedule a meeting location. In addition, the app’s picture editor will be upgraded allowing users to crop, caption and rotate their images.

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