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McAdam Encourages Congress to ‘Re-take’ Responsibility

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Congress is being encouraged to step in and take the reins when it comes to the future of the Internet.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam left no doubt on his stance when it comes to Net Neutrality in a letter he penned and sent to Congress. In the document — which he also carbon copied to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler — he encouraged members to step up and take control of the technology once again.

“It is time for Congress to re-take responsibility for policymaking in the Internet ecosystem,” he wrote.

McAdam, as reported by Arstechnia, referred to the regulations being proposed by the FCC as sitting at “absurd new levels” and encouraged Congress to avoid allowing the commission to create “collateral damage” through its proposals.

The March 27 letter may or may not find an audience with Congress members. Wheeler, though, did have an audience when he spoke at Ohio State University late last week. Wheeler told the crowd he’s confident the FCC will emerge from the ongoing debate — and lawsuits — victorious.

“One final prediction: the FCC’s new rules will be upheld by the courts,” Wheeler said, as reported by Tech Crunch.

“The DC Circuit sent the previous Open Internet Order back to us and basically said, ‘You’re trying to impose common carrier-like regulation without stepping up and saying, ‘these are common carriers.’” We have addressed that issue, which is the underlying issue in all of the debates we’ve had so far. That gives me great confidence going forward that we will prevail.”

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  • I really do hope that the FCC prevails in these looming court cases.

    After all, as has been proven time and time again throughout history, companies (driven by their ever demanding shareholders), tend to become monopolistic creatures whose sole purpose is to make as much money as possible – ignoring the potential consequences. The people driving those changes through will have left with a ‘golden handshake’ by the time the consequences manifest.