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Microsoft Enables MDM on Office 365

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Office 365 is now available — seamlessly — on most mobile devices.

Microsoft-logoLast year, Microsoft said it would be bundling basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities with Office 365 subscriptions and, Monday, it came through with that promise. This means those using iOS and Android devices can now link and access their accounts from their computers with no issue.

“We are pleased to offer the general availability of MDM capabilities for Office 365. With MDM for Office 365, you can manage access to Office 365 data across a diverse range of phones and tablets, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices,” technical product manager on the Office 365 team Shobhit Sahay said in a blog entry.

“And what makes today’s news even better: the built-in MDM features are included at no additional cost in all Office 365 commercial plans, including Business, Enterprise, EDU and Government plans.”

There’s more to it, though, as reported by The Register.

One of the cool features in this expansion is the fact administrators can generate reports showing who’s had access to what and what devices have been used. It may seem a bit Big Brother-like but employers will also be able to perform wipes of employees’ devices. In such a move all business-related information would be deleted but anything personal would be protected.

“These new capabilities help you better manage and protect access to Office 365 data while enabling people to be mobile and productive from anywhere,” Sahay wrote in the blog entry.  “We hope you will love these new capabilities and we look forward to providing more enhanced capabilities in Office 365.”

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