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Things That Motivate Employees to Be More Productive

It is a well-documented and accepted fact people, in general, spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their families. This means everyone can be affected by the moods of their colleagues. Positive moods tend to create positive work environments, and negative moods have the opposite effect. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to improve the attitude of staff, regardless of their temper.

Make Employees Feel Valued

It is almost always detrimental to a business to treat its staff like a mother or brother would. This would result in too much leeway and a lack of structure in the company. Instead you should think of staff members as distant cousins — the one you don’t see often and can be a real pain but is still a member of the family. As such, you are always looking out for their best interests. Just like this cousin, your employees should know you will always have their back. Company leaders should appreciate their workers if they want to help boost the boom line of their business. Engagement is priceless.


It is essential that you know the story behind your employee. Everyone has a different background and this greatly influences their view of the job and consequently the effort they put in. You need to know this so that it is possible to structure a support system for each employee. It makes them feel valued.

Put Value on Training

This is a vital element to any business. A trained employee knows what to do and gets on with it. By supplying training, you will build up their confidence and help them to feel good about themselves and their job. If they have not been trained, they will generally feel helpless and will not be a good influence on anyone.


It can be surprising how far a small incentive can go. The important thing here is that you are giving them something as a reward. The amount does not matter. It is very much the thought that counts. Any gift will ensure the employee feels appreciated. If you can’t afford financial incentives, you can always opt for non-financial prizes, such as more time off, flexible working hours, more comfortable workspace.

Be a Leader, But Lead with Poise and Professionalism

Most companies offer an open door policy. Indeed being open to employee suggestions is an excellent way of improving standards in the workplace. It can even improve the finished product. While you should always listen to the opinions offered, the employees must be in no doubt that your word is final.

Employees Are Not Just a Number

The bigger the corporation, the more likely they will identify people by personnel numbers. But all employees are people with their own lives, problems and situations to deal with. It is essential that you recognize this and support those who have a genuine need in their personal life. Whether this is granting time off or offering some other type of assistance depends on the situation.


It seems obvious but everyone does a better job if given the right tools. It also eliminates the excuses due to lack of equipment. Allowing feedback on the equipment required also helps with an employee feeling valued.

Answering Questions

There needs to be a culture in which asking questions is not just acceptable but expected. No employee wants to ask a question and be made to feel silly. Cultivating an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions will increase productivity. Staff surveys can also do the trick.


It doesn’t matter how small the triumph is to you, it could be massive to the employee. All triumphs or victories should be celebrated. This can also apply to acknowledging someone’s contribution. It all makes the employee feel valued. A valued employee is a happy and productive employee.

A working boss inspires his staff. If you’re working there’s no excuse for employees not getting their own work done — and no reason for them to grumble. This is particularly true if you undertake the same tasks as them from time to time. Employees will very quickly become disgruntled and even resentful if you appear to have a favourite. If you do this it is likely that you will split the workforce and probably destroy the respect you may once have had.

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  • Even though I do all the above mentioned like incentives etc. still sometimes I don’t find my employees do the same. Is that okay. But what if I expect them to be as charming as me always!

  • Hey Jason,

    My employees are a bit lazy, I wish they followed all these above mentioned steps, I’m sure they could be more productive. I’ll take these steps into consideration and I’ll try to motivate my employees. Thanks.