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10 Best RSS WordPress Plugins

Your WordPress theme and page must be awesome, but sometimes it takes months after building a fresh new website to realize what you really need.

A RSS feed is often one of those “missing” pieces in the puzzle. Fishing through numerous sites for content is a tedious task and that’s when you realize—you need something more. Lucky for you, WordPress has some of the best RSS plugins. With some of the best selection, your RSS feed will keep your readers updated without a hassle.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best WordPress plugins that will work with the latest version of WordPress.

1. WP RSS Multi Importer:

If you’re still looking for an all-in-one solution that will import, merge, and display your RSS and Atom Feeds on your blog, this is it. The amazing features of this plugin will allow you to do four things at once.

2. FD FeedBurner Plugin:

The most popular Web feed management provider,, is one of the most useful tools for bloggers. With the help of FD FeedBurner Plugin, you will be able to stay at the top of your feeds by re-directing your RSS to Feedburner. This is done seamlessly without templates, new feeds, or .htaccess files. Enter your feedburner URL and you’re done.

3. RSS Just Better:

This is another highly customizable plugin that will improve feed viewing. This plugin will display feed items from a given URL and let you manage the feed displays. You can modify the following settings:

  • Cache recreation frequency;
  • The number of displayable news;
  • Publication date, time (and in which format);
  • Display excerpt and reference to the plugin homepage;
  • Ordered (numbered) or unordered (bullet-point) list and to open new windows or not, when clicking on the linked items.
  • The ability to truncate title and/or excerpt to a certain amount of characters and sort the times by date/time or title.

4. Akismet:

Hate the spam shams? Don’t worry we all do — especially, when it’s wreaking havoc in the comments section. Of course you want get rid of those annoying, useless, irrelevant “buy me” or “check this out” messages. It’s not easy to go fishing through your comments section manually just to pick them out and throw them away (especially when your blog is quite popular with a multitude of comments). An RSS plugin is a lifesaver because it will do the sifting and selecting for you.

Akismet will also allow you to check which comments were caught or cleared. The worst spam will be completely blocked and cleared to save disk space and speed up your site.

5. RSS Image Feed:

The RSS Image feed will display the very first image of your blog post to the feed. The visitors won’t have to open the content to view the images. A clickable image thumbnail will be shown in the excerpt.

6. RSS manager:

The RSS feed is meant to manage your content and make your life easier. But what if the RSS feed becomes difficult to manage itself? Some people shy away from the RSS feed option just because they think it will be an unnecessary addition that will only make life more difficult. There’s always a solution. RSS Manager plugin gives you the ability to change the appearance of your RSS feed. According to the WordPress app description, it will allow you to “add images from custom fields, read more link, category list, tag list and any custom code before or after the feed items. Also, the plugin allows you to delay feed publication for several minutes. It is helpful, when you made some mistake and you will have time to fix it before the post went to RSS and all other services like Facebook or Twitter.

7. Blog Roll Widget with RSS Feeds:

The Blogroll widget will display the most current posts of your blogs using a side bar and RSS feeds. You won’t need JavaScript or Ajax for this plugin. This customizable and easy-to-install plugin is definitely worth considering. You can simply switch the widget on or off. It has various configuration settings that will allow you to adjust it as per your needs.

The WordPressAppearance subpanel will display this widget and you can set it to add a title to the sidebar widget, define how many items you want to display, choose the link category of the items (all links or one of your link categories), select the item order (link name ascending, link name descending, link ID ascending, link ID descending, random order), define image size, show blogroll, define how many feed post links you want to display, choose if you want to shorten the feed post link text, define the length in characters, show feed post excerpts, and much more.

8. Continuous RSS Scrolling:


You may or may not find this useful. However, the added continuous RSS scrolling feature is beneficial if you need a plugin widget to scroll the RSS news. View the live demo here to see it in action. The installation is easy to set up and since it is a widget you can pretty much do anything with it. Configuration settings will allow you to change several options including the speed and delay of the continuous scrolling feature.

  • Display the aggregated feed items on a page in one of 13 different templates that you can customize;
  • Create blog posts (AutoPost) from the feed items so readers can comment on them;
  • Display the aggregated feed items in a theme widget, in one of three different displays;
  • Display the aggregated feed items in your own RSS feed

And this is not it. The features go on and on.

The reviews and comments for this one will speak for themselves: 693 people gave it a five star rating. The best part is, it’s free.

9. Feed Wrangler:

Feed Wrangler is a simple plugin that allows you to create custom feeds. You can also manage your feed with ads. It will bypass feed burner redirect if you want that for some feeds, allows you to place an ad in your feed, and much more.

10. WP Plugin: Better Feed:

Better feed will turn your RSS feed into an item of convenience by adding several features to it. You can add “read more” links, a copyright notice, and number your comments.

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