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5 Apps to Create an Office in Your Pocket

As technology becomes more advanced and intelligent, businesses begin to gain new and more in-depth insights about the way people shop or search the internet. This valuable information allows companies to really hone in on marketing strategies and grow to become more dynamic than ever before. With a surplus of information available on consumer habits, organizations must become extremely flexible, competitive, and innovative if there is even a remote chance of survival.

Alongside the consumer information that technology has provided, it has also supplied the means for companies to remain digitally connected at all times. For smaller business owners, connectivity could be the difference between success and bankruptcy. Now, digital applications have made it possible to manage a business offsite while still keeping close watch over the well-being of the organization. Mobile productivity has become an imperative business practice as society’s pace continually quickens.

Here are 5 apps to ensure that you remain productive while on the move: You get to stay mobile as your business enjoys rapid growth and productivity.


Boasting over 300 million users, Dropbox is one of the most streamlined and versatile file management systems available today. This cloud-based system gives away 2GB of space free to new users and is accessible on nearly any device including smartphones. The benefits of this file sharing platform are numerous as all companies need a reliable way to share information. As long as your phone is connected to the internet, you are always connected to your documents with Dropbox.

Google Analytics App

Many are already aware of the acclaimed ‘Google Analytics’ ( platform, which is a free and easy to use tool to obtain vital information on a websites performance. What some don’t know is that Google has optimized this engine for iPhone and Android use with the Google Analytics App. This mobile adaptation still provides the same data such as tracking links, referrals, rankings, and isolating data to understand trends of SEO methods implemented. It also provides users with Real Time reports, which monitor site activity as it unfolds. The Google Analytics App is an invaluable asset for marketing blueprint mobile maintenance.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This is genuinely a dream come true for those who use Microsoft Office for business purposes. The need for carrying laptop bags will begin to decline as The Microsoft Office Mobile application continues to convert smartphones into a single device to meet all digital needs. This app allows for access to any files stored across OneDrive, OneDrive Business, and SharePoint accounts. Email attachments can also be accessed for any alterations that need to be made. Additionally, Microsoft has optimized Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for mobile use which allows crystal-clear versions of documents to be created, viewed, and edited all from a smartphone device. This is a must-have for any business owner who is constantly on the move.


The HootSuite mobile platform allows social media management to be taken out of the office. This versatile tool helps organizations to leverage the power of the social stratosphere in order to launch successful marketing campaigns, identify and expand audiences, and distribute content across multiple channels. HootSuite utilizes a unique social media dashboard which allows for simultaneous oversight of various social media networks with one easy to use application that possesses a seamless interface.

Hootsuite accommodates the integration of prominent social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn while tracking campaign results so that tactics can be evaluated, and then reevaluated. The free version is limited to three networks, but is still an incredibly useful tool even in its most minimalistic state.


GoToMeeting is a solid video conferencing app that makes it possible to digitally connect with the office and hold impromptu meetings at any time. This convenient and easy-to-use application allows users to host virtual meetings with up to 25 attendees who can join in from nearly any Web-connected device. The automated invitation system saves time and streamlines the process of organizing meetings, while features like speaker identification inform attendants which speaker is talking; this helps eliminate confusion in crowded virtual meetings. The ability to share screen, keyboard, and mouse controls with a simple click makes this platform excellent for remote presentations or collaborations.

As time goes on, the competition for businesses continues to grow increasingly stiff and more difficult to overcome. It is essential for business owners to not lose valuable time for business growth while in transit, but to make use of that time in the most productive ways possible. Installing the apps listed above or others like it to a smartphone or tablet will not solve all of an organization’s problems, but utilizing these tools in the correct manner allows business owners to become far more productive, flexible, and aware of the happenings in and around a business in order to sustain a competitive edge.

Which mobile business management apps have you installed on your smartphone device? What effect have they had on your business since their utilization?

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