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April 13, 2015

Social Media Timesavers: Six Tools for Finding and Sharing Great Content

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Photo Credit: Jason A. Howie via flickr

A recent Hootsuite blog post claimed that business owners could cut social media time down to 18 minutes per day with a specially designed plan for small business. The hypothetical business person in the blog post had five social network accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

According to the plan, all posting could be completed in just three minutes daily posting to each account, and reviewing analytics would take only two minutes per day. The 18-minute miracle plan — which is completely unrealistic — didn’t even address the process of finding and curating shareable content.

Fortunately, these six tools that simplify content curation will make it easier and quicker to find high-quality, shareable content.


As Digital Current mentions on their blog, RSS feeds are essential tools for social listening because they can alert you whenever someone mentions your brand online. They also make it easy to find shareable content by aggregating feeds from your favorite publications. When Google discontinued Google Reader, Feedly became the RSS feed aggregator of choice.

You can visit to sign up for an account. From there, search for your favorite subjects or blogs and add them to your Feedly account. You can also add feeds that others have already created, which makes your workload even lighter, and you can use Feedly’s mobile apps and browser extensions to add RSS feeds to your account.

Twitter Lists

You probably curate a lot of content from Twitter, but scrolling through the tweets of everyone you follow takes too much time. Save effort by sorting your followers into Twitter Lists, and then scroll through your lists daily to find content that others have shared.

You can view your Twitter lists on Twitter or in a social media management tool like Hootsuite, but one of the most enjoyable ways to browse shared Twitter list content is to view your list in Flipboard. Speaking of which…


Flipboard image by Shardayyy from Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Shardayyy from Flickr Creative Commons

Flipboard gathers content on almost any imaginable subject matter and collects it to create digital magazines. You can browse magazines that are auto-populated by content based on your subject choices, or you can subscribe to curated magazines that others have created.

You can also create your own Flipboard magazines using content that you’ve shared and invite others to subscribe. Chrome extensions and mobile apps make it easy to flip content into your magazines on any device, wherever you are. takes the top five stories shared by your Twitter and Facebook followers each day and sends a daily e-mail with links and a preview of each story. That’s it — no more, no less. Just scan through the message, take what you like and delete it.


When certain articles, infographics, or other online content starts going viral, Trendspottr can send an alert to your e-mail inbox. One alert stream is free, and you can subscribe to the service to set up additional alerts. When you receive an alert, you can immediately share the content so that you can participate in viral conversations. You can also visit Trendspottr’s website to search through trending content when you’re curating for your own social networks.


Storify screenshot image by Ron Mader from Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Ron Mader from Flickr Creative Commons

Storify not only lets you search through aggregated content, but it also it lets you create social media posts using a drag and drop interface. You write a headline and enter text, and then you can share links and add visual elements, like images from Flickr, videos and .gifs.

Storify can integrate with blog sites like WordPress and Tumblr so you can easily distribute your Storify stories through your blogs. You can also use Storify to organize live feeds of your events, and you can organize your presentations on Storify or export Storify stories into presentation applications. Storify also has strong SEO value, so share stories using your keywords along with links that point to your website, blog, guest posts and other content.

Collecting Your Content

Add an Evernote or Pocket extension to your Web browser, and use these extensions to store curated content that you want to share later. With one click, you can save links in Evernote or Pocket and then share them later.

Also, set aside a block of time every day — at least 18 minutes — to curate great content for your followers. Note which types of content get the most engagement, and use those insights to fine-tune your sharing.


Chris Brown is an award winning marketing professional with 15 years of experience developing, managing and launching new products and national campaigns for consumers and businesses. Chris is currently serving as the Marketing Manager for Digital Current, a Phoenix, Arizona based digital marketing agency offering comprehensive conversion-driven SEO and Digital Marketing solutions.