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April 14, 2015

The Top Five Reasons All Online Marketers Should Use a Link

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Are you an online marketer?  Since you clicked on this article, I’m going to assume you are at the very least a hobbyist marketer, if not a marketing extraordinaire.  Either way, one of the most important weapons in your online marketing arsenal should be a robust link management tool that will slay even the peskiest of link problems.

Here are the top five reasons that you absolutely must use a link management tool.

1. You Are Losing Money:  Did that get your attention?  It should have.  If you have an international audience, or are using affiliate programs for stores like iTunes and Amazon to sell products, a portion of your customers will not be purchasing anything from you simply because they can’t. That’s because these stores are actually a collection of separate, country-specific storefronts, and sending an international consumer to the wrong store means they’re not likely to purchase due to currency and language restrictions or account challenges. Even if you do manage to send traffic to the correct place, if you are using the iTunes or Amazon affiliate programs, you’ll still need to figure out a way to attach the correct affiliate IDs for each storefront specific link.  If not done correctly, it can lead to frustrated customers and lost money on your part.  A link management service can seamlessly fix those problems for you.


2. You Need Stats – Stat:  Understanding your audience and learning what’s working helps you become a better marketer. Otherwise, you’re shooting in the dark with every marketing campaign or promotion. A link management service will allow you to view detailed reports on sales, access trend reports, and show you things like who’s clicking your links, from where, and what device or operating system they’re using to do so.  Without each piece of that data, you will not know where to focus marketing efforts or what’s working, and what’s not.

3. The Ability to Create and Edit Links:  Have you ever accidentally typoed a link that was blasted to the Internet, with no way to change it? Link management platforms avoid that by giving you the ability to edit the destination even after the link goes live. You can also customize your URL suffixes, create retargeting pixels, and much more.  If you’re a super-marketer, being able to create a customized short link that can be routed to different destinations based on device type, operating system, country, or time makes your promotions even more powerful.

4. Affiliate Program Management: As mentioned earlier, many of the world’s largest storefronts are country and region specific, and if you’re promoting to multiple stores you’ll also want a way to properly affiliate each link with minimum effort. For example, if you’re promoting a TV series that’s available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, you’ll want to rest easy knowing that each click for each link gives you the affiliate credit you deserve for each sale. Link management platforms that save and remember your affiliate IDs, then automatically append the correct one for each click, are essential to simplifying your workflow and making sure you earn your dues.

5. Retargeting Those Pesky Pixels:  When a user clicks on one of your links, it means they’re interested in the product or content you’re promoting. However, they may not always follow through with a purchase right after that first click, and may need some reminders down the road. Retargeting to the people that clicked through your link allows you to then show them relevant ads on other websites to help finish the conversion process, making your marketing work harder for you.

Convinced that a link management program is essential to growing your eCommerce business yet? Do you have anything else to add?  Be sure to leave your comments in the comments section below.


Jesse Lakes first realized he had an issue with geo-fragmentation in 2009. He’s been working on a cure ever since. This path has taken him from being the first author about the iTunes Affiliate Program, to a job with Apple as the global product manager of the iTunes affiliate program, and now as the co-founder and CEO of GeoRiot and recently acquired Booklinker. Based in Seattle, GeoRiot is working to eradicate geo-fragmentation and bridge the purchasing gap between segmented stores, devices, and consumer behaviors.