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Mozilla Playing With Browser Encryption Idea

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Online security continues to be a concern for many, but Mozilla thinks it may have the key to providing a little more safety.

firefox_logo-only_RGB-300dpiOpportunistic encryption is an idea being floated by the group to ensure information is secure and can only be opened by those it’s intended for. The option, brought forward by Mozilla Security team leader Richard Barnes, would mean Firefox browser features could be blocked unless users have the encryption enabled.

“Broadly speaking, this plan would entail limiting new features to secure contexts, followed by gradually removing legacy features from insecure contexts,” Barnes stated in a mailing list posting.

“Having an overall program for HTTP deprecation makes a clear statement to the web community that the time for plain text is over — it tells the world that the new Web uses HTTPS, so if you want to use new things, you need to provide security.”

It’s not such a far-fetched proposal.

As CNet reported, less than half of the top million sites on the Internet have encryption. Browser makers, though, can play a large role in changing that because while many people are hesitant to ensure their security is at top notch, browser makers could enact their own steps to increase security without asking people to do much to see those guards in place.

The idea is gaining support, too.

Richard Blech, CEO for Secure Channels Inc., praised the idea noting it’s the proper direction to be taking.

“Firefox has taken a few steps in the right direction here,” he told CSO Online. “For people forced into using HTTP, this is substantial.”

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  • I totally agree – something needs to shake up the Internet world to take security issues seriously. After all, how often do we hear of security breaches happening, allowing people’s personal information to end up in the hands of the unscrupulous.