Global Security Challenges and New Security Technology Tools

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With technology advancements come more security threats and in today’s changing security landscape, it’s a race against attackers and defenders. The curtain is about to go up at RSAC 2015, the world’s largest security confab, next week in San Francisco. Over 30,000 security experts, corporate executives, consultants and government security leaders from around the world will descend on Fog City. Their mission is to learn about the latest innovations in security technology and to exchange ideas about how to grapple with enterprise, government and consumer security challenges.

Keeping today’s constantly changing global threat landscape in mind, attendees will choose from over 490 sessions, keynotes and forums about new security products, technologies and best practices for managing security challenges. Session will cover topics around the escalation of global security issues over the past 12 months. These include presentations titled “The Terrorist’s Son – A Story of Choice,” “Protecting Our Youths from the Wolves of Cyberspace,” “Terror Gone Social: The Islamic State and Social Media,” and “Renewing the Patriot Act.”

The take-home message in many of these sessions is that security managers should accept that breaches are inevitable. Security managers should use their resources to address the need to quickly discover and deactivate internal threats. These intruders could be malware already executing their payloads or lying in wait, ready to steal data or to take control of operations as part of a future attack. Enterprises that don’t make internal detection and remediation a priority are bound to pay a heavy price.

Almost as soon as technology developments designed to improve our lives are introduced, there arise security issues that threaten the integrity of these innovations. RSAC sessions to address these challenges include “Riding the Wave of the Digital Bank,” “Next Generation Healthcare Security,” “Drones: All Abuzz with Privacy & Security Issues,” “POSitively Under Fire; What are Retailers Facing,” and “The Economics of Online Identity.”

Of course, the conference will feature renowned cryptography luminaries as keynote and session speakers. These include Whit Diffie, one of the pioneers of dual key public cryptography; as well as Ron Rivest and Adi Shamir, who co-developed the RSA cryptosystem with Leonard Adelman and introduced the notion of secret sharing.  Corporate keynote speakers include Amit Mital, Symantec’s CTO, Art Gilliland, Hewlett-Packard’s Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Security Products, and Martin Roesch, Chief Architect for Cisco’s Security Business Group.

The RSA Innovation Sandbox has historically been a tremendously popular event. This session gives early stage start-ups exposure to venture capitalists and large companies that could become partners, as well as to industry analysts and the media. In addition to checking out the start-up exhibitors, attendees will hear panelists discuss how to get funded, when to build or buy a security solution, and how to go to market.

Among the start-ups selected to participate in this year’s Sandbox are NexDefense, a network anomaly detection solution, endpoint solution players Cybereason and Sentinel One, and Ticto, maker of a next generation ID badge using smartcard technology. Past Sandbox contestants that have subsequently grown into successful companies include Sourcefire, acquired by Cisco in 2013, and Imperva, which provides real-time protection for business data and applications.

This year’s conference includes a new session geared to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. In this session, Department of Homeland Security officials will discuss government efforts to help improve small business cybersecurity. Other sessions featuring Homeland Security officials include “How DHS does Cybersecurity with Content Filtering,” and “Cybersecurity as a Boardroom Investment: Business Speaks Resilience.”

Speakers from outside the security community are expected to provide a different perspective on the challenges of security and privacy in today’s world. These speakers include the renowned swimmer and motivational speaker, Diana Nyad, Pulitzer Prize winning author Doris Kearns, and actor Alec Baldwin. While Alec Baldwin may seem an odd choice to make the closing keynote speech for the conference, to RSAC’s General Manager, Linda Gray, it makes total sense. “We selected Alec to provide his insight on the intersection of Hollywood and privacy,” she explained.

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