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April 17, 2015

Yahoo Mail Contact Cards Now Connect to LinkedIn, Twitter

Yahoo Mail is giving its ‘contact cards’ a major upgrade, connecting them to Twitter and LinkedIn to offer users even more information about who they are talking to.

When Yahoo Mail launched its caller ID-like feature earlier this month, it offered users more information about their contacts. That information is now much expanded thanks to the new partnership with the two social media sites.

“Through our collaboration with LinkedIn and Twitter, we offer new enhancements including names for e-mail addresses, profile photos and links to social profiles,” said Yahoo director of product management John Dunning.

“This new LinkedIn and Twitter information combines with our existing data to create perfect contact cards with vital information at a glance, including photo (or logo if it’s a company), phone number and job title.”

The integrations, of course, rely on the e-mail addresses for contacts being the same ones they have linked to their social profiles.

With Twitter, search results pages and contact details could now feature your contacts’ recent tweets if they are active on Twitter.


The partnership with LinkedIn offers up-to-date company and title information to Yahoo Mail’s contact cards.

To link Yahoo Mail and LinkedIn follow these steps (courtesy of LinkedIn):

  • Connect your Yahoo Mail and LinkedIn accounts by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail from your browser.
  • Next, select Settings and then Accounts, and click “Connect” next to LinkedIn
  • Whenever you mouse over a Yahoo contact’s name in an email, you’ll see the contact’s LinkedIn profile photo, company and title information
  • If you want to see their full LinkedIn profile, click on the LinkedIn icon on the contact card.



LinkedIn and Twitter for contact cards is rolling out to desktop users in the U.S. this week. Yahoo’s  help page also offers tips on getting set up.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.