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By now, it is no secret at all that content is king, and that emphasis is only poised to grow throughout 2015. In fact, a few years ago Google published a study which proved that the annual growth rate of content to be approximately 200% per year. With the astonishing growth in content that is produced, organizations scramble to generate unique, useful, and quality content at a rate that has never been seen before.

For many writers, it may be difficult to produce such vast amounts of content in a relatively short time span because writing requires much focus, talent, and discipline. On occasion, these reserves may begin to run dry for writers when pushed harder than what is considered average. It is not uncommon for writers and marketers to lack inspiration, ideas, and clarity around generating wow-worthy content. Thankfully, technology has provided creators a bevy of solutions to help us craft valuable and informative content across all mediums.

Here are several of today’s most powerful content creation tools to give your articles and videos some splash and spark even if your tank is running on empty.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generation Tool

For many writers and bloggers alike, topic development can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when a piece is generated. Banish writer’s block from your vocabulary entirely with Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator Tool. This incredibly useful and easy to use engine provides users with a near endless supply of inspirations to choose from and topic ideas galore.

Simply plug in 3 nouns associated with the content desired to the topic generator and within seconds Hubspot will supply multiple topics for blog entries or article titles to expand upon. Understandably, this may not feel authentic to some writers to simply rip a headline to use from Hubspot’s Topic Generator, but this does provide for a substantial foundation for a brainstorming and idea generation session to take place. Play around with different combinations of words to see what various options Hubspot may produce.

The Hemingway Application

Now available in a desktop version, the Hemingway Editor App allows users to take writing techniques and the message conveyed to an entirely new level. Harness the style and simplicity of one of history’s greatest penmen with the implementation of this exquisite application.

The Hemingway Editor App works off of a streamlined grading system. Simply enter an article into the app and the Hemingway Editor will provide users with a grade to understand the level of readability for the written piece. In this process, paragraphs and sentences will be reviewed, analyzed and highlighted. If sections of the material are deemed too hard to read, worded in a passive voice, or too complex the app will highlight these portions which allows the writer to revise the work to flow in a manner that is more understandable and palatable to readers. This engine provides pay-to-use and free services for both mobile devices and desktops so your writing mentor is never inaccessible.


For many writers, it is nearly impossible to turn off the “internal editor”. As a rough draft is devised it is not uncommon for constant edits, adjustments, copying, and pasting to be a significant part of the process. Unfortunately, this typically makes for super slow production of a first rough draft. Many tend to forget that this initial draft is just that; rough. It is not supposed to be a refined and polished piece, just a means to quickly put down the ideas and words that are desired for the final product.

Enter the Ilys style of writing. Simply tell Ilys the minimum number of words that is to be produced for the piece and get to work. During the writing process users will not be able to edit, delete, or even see what is put down on the page until the word limit is reached. This may seem strange to some, but it is undoubtedly an extremely effective writing tool. By blocking out the “internal editor” a state of flow is achieved that allows writing freedom and unbounded expression. Truly unleash your creative juices and allow them to flow freely with this creative and effective writing platform.

These digital innovations have provided writers with various solutions to overcome any scenario or roadblock that would typically cause hours (if not days) of frustration and self-criticism. Stop banging your head against the keyboard out of anger from writer’s block and implement these fabulously useful and effective tools. There is no reason for the content you produce to not always be top notch. Do yourself a favor and check out these wonderful offerings to take your writing to the next level.

What writing tools have you utilized to boost your writing prowess? How has the implementation of these tools affected your writing either positively or negatively?

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