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Apple, Android Apps Welcomed to Windows 10

Microsoft operating system chief Terry Myerson discusses Windows 10 in this Microsoft image.

Microsoft is opening Windows across a broad spectrum of devices.

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella

In an aggressive move to make Windows 10 more accessible and friendly to developers and users, Microsoft unveiled it is releasing a variety of tools to assist developers in making the apps they’ve already created for Android and Apple to be easily converted to work on phones using the Windows 10 system.

It’s a move, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained, to ensure users have a seamless flow of the apps they use on whatever platform they prefer.

“Windows 10 represents a new generation of Windows, built for an era of more personal computing,” Nadella said, as reported by The New York Times.

The news came during the first day of Microsoft’s annual software conference. The day also included announcements that the Windows Store will offer a unified experience for Windows 10 customers, regardless of the device used to access it. Transactions will take place over a handful of popular payment options with the largest carrier billing footprint of any ecosystem. Already, a company press release stated, USA Today, Netflix and Disney are building apps for the Windows Store.

It’s a simple tactic: bring more people back to Windows by offering them not only the things they are getting elsewhere, but to give them a little more, too.

“We want to enable developers to leverage their current code and current skills to start building those Windows applications in the Store, and to be able to extend those applications,” Microsoft’s Terry Myerson told The Verge.

However, one thing Microsoft wasn’t disclosing during Wednesday’s announcement was an actual launch date for Windows 10. Reports have indicated it should arrive this summer but there’s been no confimation on an actual date as of yet.

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