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Google Introduces New Anti-Phishing Tool

Google is hoping to snip the line of phishers.

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) /
Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) /

The company has launched a new tool aimed at increasing security for users and giving them one more weapon in their arsenal to use against phishing schemes. The tool, called Password Alert, means those with Gmail and Google Apps for Work won’t be able to use the passwords associated with those accounts with non-Google sites.

“Entering your Gmail or Google Apps for Work password in any non-Google site triggers Password Alert. You will get an alert each time you first use that password for other accounts,” the company explained in a FAQ section posted on its support blog.

“You can choose between resetting your password or ignoring the alert for the specific account. Gmail users have the option to mute all alerts on a website. If you use the same password on multiple accounts, and one of the accounts is compromised, attackers often try using the password for your other accounts to gain access with reused credentials.”

Despite an increased attempt to have people be smarter when it comes to Web security, many still use a single password on numerous sites and accounts. Password Alert is meant to eliminate this habit.

It’s not a new concept for Google but is new for those who don’t work for the Internet giant. Eran Feigenbaum, director of security for Google Apps for Work, told Tech Crunch a similar tool has been used internally at Google for a handful of years.

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  • Hi,
    Its a great steps Google company taken to prevent the hacking and makes user credential more secure with this new tool. Google done the great job, keep informing us about latest updates and news.