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May 5, 2015

Interesting Tips To Effectively Praise Your Team With Motivation

Everybody loves hearing praise when they’ve done a good job, and your employees are no exception. A little bit of praise can go a long way toward keeping your team motivated, which subsequently has positive results on workflow, productivity, and overall office morale. It is important to note that praise shouldn’t just come from management or team leaders—colleagues should provide support, encouragement and praise as well, ensuring a healthy workforce that works well as a team and feeds off one another’s strong energy.

Here are some useful tips on effectively motivating your team and co-workers.

1. Don’t wait until after a task is completed

Many managers understand that an employee or a team should be recognized for their hard work after completing a project or achieving a goal. But why wait? Offering praise while the task is ongoing helps to keep the team motivated throughout the task, members will also be more determined to do a good job and achieve better than expected results.

Praise also helps to raise an employee’s confidence, which helps them to believe they can achieve their goals successfully. It also makes them receptive to new ideas and direction without it feeling like criticized or micro-managed.

But one important factor to remember is that while you should praise ongoing efforts, make sure your team knows they still need to continue working hard. The praise shouldn’t be a signal to your employees that you are happy with what they’ve done and don’t really need to work as hard.

2. Hire a conference speaker to motivate your team

Sometimes employees can really benefit from a fresh new perspective and a motivational speaker is an excellent way to deliver a shot of motivation to great effect. If you do decide to hire a conference speaker to motivate your team, make sure you review the speaker you intend to hire to see if he or she would be a good fit with your own company ideals. Additionally, someone who understands your industry is better able to connect with your employees.

3. Temper criticism with praise

It’s commonplace for one worker to criticize another, or for a manager to criticize his employee, but it should always be constructive criticism. Otherwise, it will decrease confidence and instill resentment. When criticizing an employee or their work, ensure that they understand what exactly you are upset about, but be sure to point out the positive points in their work and other areas they excel in.

Don’t downplay the criticism—being honest and confident in your assessment shows your employees that you recognize their efforts and only want them to strive harder to better improve their work and themselves.

4. Praise doesn’t always have to be verbal

You can reward your employees with other means, such as providing gift cards to a restaurant after a task has been completed successfully, or presenting awards for achievements that helped the company to grow or reach new goals.

Remember to also encourage your team to motivate each other. Employees do tend to act more motivated when picking up on energy, positive feelings and motivation from other employees.

If you own a business or manage a team, you may have your own ideas on how to offer praise and better motivate your employees. Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and advice so that others may learn how to better motivate their own workforce.


Sheza Gary has been a Project Strategist since 2009 and also involved in the launching of startups and tech companies in New York for over 5 years. She has keen interest in writing her own experiences about business plans and upcoming business supporting technologies. She loves public speaking.