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May 6, 2015

Apelpi Adds Trendy Charger to Line-Up

Luxe's Appearance Ties Device to iPads, iPods

It’s cute, it’s slim and it’s ready to charge your device.

A new portable charger from Apelpi (pronounced apple pie) can charge a variety of devices but its appearance might lead one to believe it’s only for Apple products. The slender charger is shaped like an apple and packs a lot of power punch.

“The Apelpi external battery charger is a uniquely designed device to empower your active lifestyle and work day,” the company’s site explains. “Coming in various colors and capacities, the Apelpi Slim, Plus, and Luxe will provide you a peace of mind while maintaining your individuality.”

Portable chargers aren’t anything new but Apelpi’s taken a pretty smart marketing jump with the design of the Apelpi Luxe. Sure, it may not appeal to everybody but there’s no doubt there’s a market out there for the device.

While the look of the charger certainly implies it’s for iPhones and iPads that’s not the case. While the charger can top up Apple products it’s also compatible with Android and Windows¬†Smartphones and tablets.

Using an Apelpi Slim, the company explains, can triple¬†the life of a device’s battery.

The chargers are retailing for US $65 each.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.