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May 8, 2015

Why You Should Use Cloud Backup System for Your Business

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Adequate data protection is essential for any business. Data is a valuable asset that requires a modern and reliable backup system for protection. A cloud backup system offers numerous benefits that include scalability, significant bandwidth savings and minimal management. Many businesses prefer it for being a safe, economical and dependable data backup solution.

Scalability and Accessibility

A key advantage of using a cloud backup system for your business is the scalability. This refers to the ability to write an immense amount of data in the cloud environment. This is ideal for individuals who do not anticipate the capacity they will need for their data. With a cloud backup system, there are no concerns regarding capacity planning due to the scalability of the system.

The cloud system is accessible through the Internet and this essentially means that you all you need to have is Internet connectivity. If you plan to have multiple sites, this cuts down on the cost of bandwidth because data will not need writing between numerous sites.

Technical Benefits

Both small and larger businesses need to implement a reliable data backup system. Cloud-based solutions provide you with primary backup for instant restoration and offsite secondary backup. Several business owners are choosing to use cloud data backup because of the numerous financial and technical benefits.

The multi-tier backup option provided by the cloud is vital for retrieving data after a loss occurs. A cloud data backup system ensures that your data is retrievable and protected. It enhances data protection facilitated by its high level of security.

Affordability and Low Maintenance

For business owners who value any opportunity to cut down on costs, the good news is cloud back up does not require you to cater to capital and ownership costs remain low. Cloud backup solutions are simple and easy to comprehend because management processes are Web-based and the interfaces are user-friendly.

Cloud solutions for data protection are low maintenance and easy for everyone to use. A cloud back up system has quick implementation within a short period after setting up and configuration. Cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with operating systems and applications, thereby making optimal use of existing information technology infrastructure.

Energy Saving

When you use a cloud backup system, you do not require more space for your server rooms. Cloud backup solutions cut down on power consumption and lower your energy costs. The cloud-based nature of this data backup solution makes it easy for you to regulate your capacity for storage.

Cloud storage has proven to be a worthwhile data backup option. It is highly beneficial for various environments that include the replacement of tedious off site tape vaults. Cloud storage provides an online data backup system that is simple to use and is not vulnerable to errors.

Unlimited Capacity

Without restrictions on your ability to retain data, you can look forward to not facing limitations by how large or small your storage systems may be. This enables you to increase the backup storage capacity with ease. When choosing a vendor for your cloud storage needs, you need to take into account several factors such as adequate backup, cost effectiveness, superior performance and safety.

Data Security

Your specified needs will determine the type of backup options that will be most suitable. Data security is a major priority along with backup and the speed at which data recovery takes place. Online backup is important for securing business data and it provides the features that are necessary for fulfilling the backup and data restoration requirements of your business.

Being aware of your backup requirements is the first step toward enjoying the advantages of cloud storage. Cloud backup systems have steadily evolved into a highly sought after substitute for tape. This has been attributable to appealing aspects such as bandwidth affordability and optimized data retention.

Advanced Technology

Cloud providers use advanced technology that incorporates elements such as encryption, protection applications, compression and much more to create an efficient and reliable system. You will not have to deal with upgrading or updating technology because service providers are responsible for managing the infrastructure.

Your business will be able to take advantage of the unrestricted scalability while saving on capital expenses. This will enable you to plan for increased capacity and operational expenditure. Tape recovery typically is a time consuming process that constitutes recalling and loading the tape before locating and restoring the data.

Save Time and Money

Using the cloud backup system for file recovery is a time-efficient process without the need for physical movement from offsite locations or dealing with the tape. In order to restore files, they are simply located and streamed through an Internet connection that saves time and effort.

Cloud backup is ideal for businesses that may not have access to the resources required for investing and maintaining tape infrastructure. Cloud backup makes it possible for all types of businesses to experience improved efficiency and significant savings.


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