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Eight Ways to Blissfully Beat the Blogging Blues

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Some people start blogging hardly knowing what it is all about. Some feel the urge to write, they need to get their experiences and ideas out of their system in a beautiful way and, therefore, they choose to write. Some even know what they are doing and move ahead with planning and construction of clear thoughts.

Regardless, everyone who enjoys writing experiences this phase: being thrilled upon hearing compliments on their post. Yet, one teeny tiny remark that is critical can shatter their confidence. No matter how talented they might be, criticism can cause their self-esteem to plummet.

You… ya, you right there! If you have been reading till here, then perhaps you are facing something similar.

Well let’s answer these questions:

Do you still have the first piece you wrote? Does it seem to be the most amazing thing to you; while to others it is just text strung together? Are you getting confused what you should write about, or have second thoughts for pursuing the journey to become ‘The Ultimate Magical Freelance Blogger’? Uh! Oh! Are you almost on the verge of quitting this fabulous blogging business?

If your answer to the questions above is ‘Yes’, then you have landed on the perfect leaf. Let’s take you out of the blues with these substantially useful tips.

1. Be Genuine and Love Yourself

Bloggers can blog best when they write what they believe in and what they are passionate about. Therefore, be genuine. Talk about stuff that you really want to talk about. Trying to write about something that is trending is not be a good idea in the long-run — write what you know or you will end up bored and frustrated.

In the same way, do not copy others’ style, because if you are not able to pull it off, your article will be mediocre. Every blogger has a unique way of articulating — you need to have faith in your own skills. Even if you are a beginner, you can develop your skills and your blogging abilities will grow over time. Have patience and don’t let the comments of others peeve you.

2. Identify And Tempt Your Target Audience

So you are writing? Aha! But whom are you writing for? If you can figure this one out, you have already started to overcome the blues. But if you have not identified your target audience yet, you better do it now.

Initially, it is always good to vary your writing — it helps you to identify what topics grab the most attention. However, once you have discovered the favorites of your audience, be clear in your purpose and consistent with your ideas and arguments.

3. Choose Vocabulary Carefully

It is always fun to write “eloquently-written” articles. But be sure you understand the vocabulary you are using. Your audience will not appreciate a write-up full of impressive words if they are used out of context.

If you are concerned that you lack the spark to attract your target readers, work on your expressions and always use proper grammar — don’t get silly with improper vocabulary use. Each language has its own beauty, so be sure to make the reading experience an enjoyable one by choosing your words carefully.

4. Determine Posting Frequency

One of the most common questions that newbies must consider is: “How frequently should I post my blogs?” Does it seem too desperate if I post more often?

You must post at least one blog per week, but preferably two. However, if you feel that your audience is enjoying your work and really wants to read more, then you can post as many as four or five a week. Also, longer posts are always better-received than short write-ups.

Never leave your blog unattended and isolated. You don’t want interested readers to lose interest in your blog because it appears to be inactive. If you lose readership, you also lose the chance of enticing the publishers to put their ads on your blogs.

5. Generate Traffic and Be Happy

So you just wrote a refreshing and grammatically-immaculate piece and now, when you have posted it on your blog, you are waiting and waiting for the visitors to roll in. Traffic, however, does not come rolling in simply because you clicked the publish button.

You have to be patient in the beginning, because it will take some time to build your audience. You must adopt some smart tactics to bring people to your page. This means targeting the type of readers who will share your content — so target the communities where your desired audience is already investing time. Use guest blogs to draw them to your site.

For more tips, check out 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic.

6. Get Support, You Need It!

Get in touch with like-minded people — I mean bloggers. Who can understand you better than one who also has the urge to write? Join communities and pages that help you connect with the other bloggers. Once connected with them, you will realize how common your problems are. These are the people you can relate to and take inspiration from. These are your blog-buddies. Have fun with them and benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

7. Market Yourself

Once your blog is properly established, it is time to start promoting it on social media. This allows you to reach a much larger audience. Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and watch your readership increase.

Cash Your Passion

You may have begun writing because you love doing it, because you are good at it, or because you didn’t have anything better to do. Whatever your motivation for starting it has become your passion — and you must cash your passion.

Place ads on your blog, but place them wisely. You have a good choice of publishers and fairly diverse techniques and methods to choose from. If you are not sure which method or publisher you should go for or how to add ads to your blog, here is a little help for you: How to Add Ads to Your Blog.

If you can write, and write beautifully, trust me, it is a blessing. Value your talent and do not give up. So, overcome any fears that you may have and choose how you want to go about your freelance blogging career. And a career it is.

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