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Japanese Smartphone Using Iris Scan for Payments, Unlocking

This NTT Docomo image shows how the iris scan technology will work.

The eyes, it is said, are the windows to the soul… or the wallet for users of a new Japanese Smartphone.

docomoThough not yet on the market, the Arrows NX F-04G is expected to change the way online commerce is conducted. It will feature an iris scanner that can be used to make online purchases. Much like phones that require fingerprints to authenticate purchases, the device — available later this month — will use an iris scan to recognize the user before approving a transaction.

A report from International Business Times states users will be able to scan their eyes to unlock the phone, make payments and log in to a handful of services. The iris scanner mixes an infrared camera and infrared LED to shine light on the eyes, scan the iris and then use it recognize the user.

Like fingerprints, iris patterns are unique to individuals and can be used as a means of identification.

Japanese company NTT Docomo is behind the device and, Mashable reports, is promoting it as the first Smartphone to use the revolutionary technology.

The company is claiming the system is much more secure than other security features other companies have tried such as Samsung’s face unlock feature and Google’s face unlock on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

There does not appear to be any plans on bringing the phone to North America.

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