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The Four Strategies for Marketing Mobile Apps Effectively

Looking for the right mobile app marketing strategy? Marketing apps is all about presenting the unique selling point of your app. So, what’s your app’s USP? Contrary to popular perception, you do not have to make a great discovery to sell your app. Your unique selling point may include several factors like original qualities, advantages, features, and even downsides. In many ways, you will have to prove competitive arguments to sell your app.

When you begin mobile app development, you will have created a presentation that describes your mobile app as well one that shows unique and valuable qualities to the customer. Here are the four key strategies that will determine the effectiveness of your marketing:

1. Any mobile app’s Unquestionable advantages

What does your app offer? Any successful app will always offer a service. This can include anything from creating a healthy lifestyle, inspiration, physical fitness, anti-stress activities to informational resources. An app without service is no use to a user. Here is a checklist to make your app useful:

  • First, always decide what function your app performs. It can be used to count calories, add photos, learn languages or help in the investment portfolio.
  • The app must be useful to the client. You may create an app for a specific function, but you must always see if it is useful for the client.
  • The app must create a value for the client. It must help them save money, make them smarter, stylish or inspire.
  • You must focus on key characteristics of the app. If it is a game, make sure 3D graphics and music are of high quality.
  • Stay ahead of your completion by giving something extra or innovative. The best way to that is by offering multifunctional apps.
  • Always show you app’s achievements. There are certifications like International Mobile App Magazine. Try to get your app featured on such magazines or awards.
  • Integrate is a trending word. You need to choose the app name right so that it can be easily searched from the App store.

2. Uniqueness of App

So, what makes your app unique? There are various ways to make your app unique.

  • Always integrate word or phrase that describes your app for customers. See the function of the app and try to describe it in one or two words.
  • Features can also make your app unique. You can add graphics of highest standards or add a soundtrack that makes your app stand out. You can create an innovative user interface and many more.
  • Quality can be a unique feature. How frequently you add new levels of updates, new details, or new functions. Quality should be such that users open your app again and again.

Uniqueness is always the key selling factor. This will be the first question of a client, and it will be the first chance for you to impress the client.

3. Know your Competition

To stay ahead of your competition, you must know them. Competition is a self-sustaining system that always results in a quality product at affordable prices. Therefore, by entering into a competition, you are ensuring that your product has the best value.

Due to increasing number of app developers, two apps are bound to be same. You do not want to share your customer base with others and lose out on sales. Knowing the competitors product, you will make necessary changes and gain an edge over the competition.

What should you look for understanding your competition?

  • Look for the apps that others have to offer in your niche. Search for the fastest growing app in the category and what makes it so unique?
  • Look for apps that have failed. More than knowing and understanding the app, learn what mistakes the developer made and so you can avoid the same potholes.
  • Be inspired to achieve perfection and make continuous enhancements to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Create a list of your competitors and employ a data management system to keep your list updated. Your list must include competitor name, website, features, values, target audience, reviews, pros, cons and price.
  • Compare your project to their project in every aspect, learn what lacks in your app, and try to repair it.
  • Beyond their product, know how they are marketing it and how they are attracting more customers. Create a better selling plan for your app to improve your own sales.

4. Features of your mobile app

You may think more features better the chance of selling an app but, in reality, a longer list of features drive away the buyers. Even if you have a wide range of features, present them in concise way and the list should not include more than five points. Keep them as simple as possible and allow them to understand it and not confuse it.

These four key strategies will ensure that you market your app more effectively. Present the best and quality product in simple but effective way.


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