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Cyber-Attack Targeted 1.1M Customers’ Information

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An American health insurance provider has reported approximately 1.1 million of its customers’ personal data has been compromised.

Chet Burrell
CareFirst President and CEO Chet Burrell

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield boasts 3.4 million customers but reported this week data of nearly half those customers was targeted in a cyber-attack nearly one year ago. The June 2014 attack, though, was not detected until recently while safeguards were being put in place, ironically, to protect against such attacks, reported Reuters.

While the company stressed it is taking the attack very seriously, it also assured customers much information remains secure and was not accessed.

“The database in question did not include these passwords because they are fully encrypted and stored in a separate system as a safeguard against such attacks. The database accessed by attackers contained no member Social Security numbers, medical claims, employment, credit card, or financial information,” CareFirst said in a statement.

Customers impacted, though, are being offered two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft.

“We deeply regret the concern this attack may cause,” BuzzFeed quoted CareFirst President and CEO Chet Burrell as stating.

“We are making sure those affected understand the extent of the attack – and what information was and was not affected. Even though the information in question would be of limited use to an attacker, we want to protect our members from any potential use of their information and will be offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for those affected for two years.”

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