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May 22, 2015

How an IRS Tax Attorney Can Help Fix Complex Tax Problems

If you have ever been served with the dreaded notice of a tax audit or you are in serious delinquency with your taxes, you might feel like running and hiding. The problem is, the IRS frowns up on that – instead, it wants you to face your debts and more importantly, settle them. The problem is, the IRS is not too friendly to work with – it is less likely to listen to you over an attorney that is experienced in IRS problems and can help you reach the right resolution.

How an Attorney Can Help

An IRS tax attorney can help you in many ways including finding tax debt relief. They are the resource you need to help you navigate the complicated world of taxes, audits and expensive payments. Attorneys have the knowledge on who to contact, how to contact them, the best way to discuss the issue, and how to achieve results. Following are just a few things they can do for you:

  • Draft letters that deliver results rather than being tossed into a pile that gets ignored as your tax problems get worse;
  • Directly contact the right people to elicit a response and solution to your tax problems;
  • Experience in negotiating with people that otherwise seem as stiff as a stone wall;
  • Talk to the IRS when your Offer in Compromise is denied or in situations where you are very unlikely to have a successful outcome with an Offer in Compromise, especially in the cases where large amounts of taxes are owed;
  • Attorneys can testify for you, which takes the stress off of you in having to face the IRS on your own;
  • Get your amount of taxes owed reduced to a more manageable amount that allows you to make good on your tax debt.

Using a Tax Attorney for Confidentiality

You need to confide in someone when it comes to your wrongfully filed taxes. There is no use in trying to deal with the IRS directly, as once an investigation is opened, everything you say will be used against you – just like when a person is arrested. Do you really want to take a chance in saying the wrong thing? What if you incriminate yourself without realizing it? Many innocent people do this on a daily basis as they have no idea what the IRS is looking for from them. If you are guilty of any tax crimes including evasion or fraud, it is essential that you enlist the help of a tax professional. He is the only individual that is confined to client-attorney confidentiality, which means whatever you tell him, he does not have to relay in court. He will work out a solution to your problem, helping you to avoid criminal charges.

Using a Tax Attorney for Disputes

Tax disputes are never fun and they typically occur several years down the road from the year that they affect. If you are suddenly served with an audit, you might find yourself panicked at how you will handle the situation. This is when an attorney comes into play. He can handle the hard work for you, notifying you when particular documents are needed. He will not only face the IRS, but help to work out a solution for you, typically resulting in less taxes owed or a complete resolution of the problem. If you choose to ignore the letters or respond in a haphazard way, you could face serious criminal charges, which would wreck your life much more than a simple phone call to an attorney would require.

Tax issues are nothing to mess around with – whether you owe back taxes, received an audit warning, or are guilty of tax crimes; you need the help of a tax attorney. The only time that you should deal with the IRS on your own is when you file your taxes, but even then, you should elicit help to make sure they are done right. After the fact, you need the assistance of an attorney to help you get back on track. Being served with an audit can mean an end to life as you know it if you are not careful – why not get the professional help that will not only keep you out of trouble but also help you to decrease the amount of your tax debt? While we all have to pay taxes, we do not have to deal with the penalties, interest, and obscene fees that are pushed on us as a result of an honest mistake that we made in the past.

If you find yourself in tax trouble, get the help of an attorney today. Share this article with others in your social media circles, as you never know who else you know might be in trouble too.


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