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Russian Browser Yandex Goes Back to Basics, Security

A browser to challenge Google?

yandexNot likely, right?

A Russia-based browser ready to take on one of the Internet’s giants?

Perhaps far-fetched but it certainly appears there’s a classic David versus Goliath battle brewing and it’s less-favored contender comes from Russia.

Yandex, a Moscow-based firm, has launched a beta version of its new search engine and it’s creating a bit of a buzz around the Internet. It’s not the fact the company is wading into the murky waters of browsers that seems to be causing waves, but the fact it’s not a bad start with a simplified, straight-forward approach that brings the focus back to websites rather than user options.

The browser’s base audience may be in Russia but, as CNet reports, it appears Yandex wants to spread its wings and its reach into other regions. The browser is already available for Microsoft and Apple with plans of making it available for tablets and phones in the near future.

On its own blogsite, Yandex explained the minimalist approach not only simplifies what users are seeing but also provides more security for surfers.

“Unlike in most browsers, sending the information about users’ behaviour to the developer (i.e. Yandex) in the private version of Yandex.Browser is disabled by default. While sharing browsing history and web cache can, in principle be disabled in other browsers, this opportunity isn’t normally offered as a default option,” the blog entry explains.

“Sharing users’ information helps developers better understand their behaviour and offer them a better browsing experience. The problem is that the right to make a decision whether to share this information is effectively removed from the user – few can find a pathway to customised privacy settings in a browser.”

Yandex.Browser doesn’t make this an option, the browser disables data sharing by default and, in addition, provides the ‘Stealth Mode’ option, which blocks analytics cookies, sharing plugins and more.

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  • Seriously, does anyone think a RUSSIAN BASED search engine is not fully monitored/back-doored by the Russian government so they can keep an eye on what their citizens search on? Regardless of what yandex SAYS, who knows what the whole truth is? I wouldn’t trust any so-called privacy controls used by a Russian search engine. Putin don’t play that ‘privacy is important’ game, so use at your own risk, all you Russians.

    • Re-read the article, so it’s apparently about a new BROWSER, not yandex’s search engine. but it starts out with ‘A Russia-based browser’, then changes to ‘has launched a beta version of its new search engine’, then goes back to saying browser, so make up your mind. Either way, I would never trust anything Russian to have privacy controls, as I’m sure most Russians don’t either.

    • Um, NSA, GCHQ? The reason this is of interest is because we already know that we can’t trust US-based browsers (or search/ad engines).