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Instagram Sending Out E-Mail ‘Highlights’ to Members

Instagram is a video and photo sharing service that integrates with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Instagram has begun sending e-mail mail-outs, dubbed ‘Highlights’ to its users in a bid to re-engage users who have lost interest in the social photo platform.

Highlights features a few of the best posts from people the recipient follows and is designed to draw him or her back to the social network.

According to Tech Crunch, Highlights is so brand new, only one e-mail has been sent out thus far, and the system remains a work in progress. For instance, there is no way to unsubscribe and no e-mail settings menu, thus far.

Instagram told Tech Crunch this is its first attempt at sending out a promotional message.

According to the publication, Highlights is a bid to insert relevancy back into users’ feeds — especially for those who follow a large number of accounts and may be missing posts from friends and family.

Instagram currently has 300 million monthly users.

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  • I was suprised when my friend received mail from instagram because I never received one before and I was on instagram before him.

    But when I checked I saw their email.

    Though it’s good as a reminder, the bad part is that u can’t unsubscribe.