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May 26, 2015

10 Attractive and Awesome Pinterest Plugins for your WordPress Site

Pinterest is sixth on the list of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites. Big surprise! We all love it!

Here’s another interesting statistic that might be news to you: Currently, the U.S. alone has 47.1 million Pinterest users. That’s a lot of social media traffic from one place.

If you are a huge fan of Pinterest — and you are also a WordPress blogging buff, wait until you see what you can do with the cool gadgets WP has to offer. Forget about designing your own buttons, widgets, counters or galleries. Just toss in a plugin or two and save yourself the trouble.

Thanks to WordPress, we can choose from a wide variety of free WordPress plugins that are not only attractive, but also highly useful.

1. Pinterest Pin it Button for Images:


Ditch the ‘Pin It’ buttons at the bottom of your images and go for this ever-convenient one directly on the image. With this plugin, you can attach a Pin it button to the image without interfering with the picture’s overall look and feel. How? Simply because this button will appear and disappear as users hover their pointers over an image. Add this to your galleries and watch your visitors grow.

2. Pinterest for Galleries:


If you are still interested in adding less-distractive Pin it buttons at the bottom, let Pinterest for Galleries do the job for you. This plugin will attach a pin-it button under each and every image thumbnail of your gallery. This allows your viewers to share your Pinterest-worthy images with their Pinterest followers.

3. Pinterest Block:


If you want to restrict users’ pinning activity, you can use this plugin to take control. With this added functionality, you can block certain posts from being “pinned” to Pinterest while allowing it for other posts of your choice. You may also block specific page types. For instance, if you’re running a dissertation writing firm website, you may block the home page, archives, etc.

4. Pinterest Widgets:


Previously WordPress had a collection of separate widgets that allowed users to “follow” or see your latest Pins. Thanks to this latest generous offer, you can let users do whatever they want related to your blog and Pinterest.

This complete package includes the following features:

  • Follow button: Invite people to follow you on Pinterest from your site.
  • Pin widget: Embed one of your Pins on your site.
  • Profile widget: Show up to 30 of your latest Pins on your site.
  • Board widget: Show up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest Pins.
  • Short codes for all four widgets.

5. Pinterest Follow Button:


Still interested in the old-fashioned Follow button? Go ahead and check out the older version at Although this plugin will not receive any further updates, you might still find it useful and easier to use than some of the latest ones.

6. Pinterest Badge:


Permit your user’s to view your latest Pinterest activity by adding this badge box to your WordPress weblog. The Pinterest Badge widget will display your latest pinned images, a “follow me on Pinterest” button, and the number of followers you have on Pinterest. Additionally, you can customize the badge to make it look just the way you want and include images of your choice.

7. Pin Board Widget


Here’s another Pin board widget you can add to your sidebar. The pins are cached after every 15 minutes to keep it updated. The PinBoard will display your favorite or latest pins in thumbnails. The thumbnails are specifically designed to look Pinterest-like.

8. Pretty Pinterest Pin:


Show off your pins (or anyone’s pins) using this widget, which will allow you to add separate pinned images, include links, and even add captions. The Pinterest-ish look is deliberately embedded to give off a familiar feel.

Customization options allow you to: Pull the latest pins from any Pinterest user, display only pins from specific boards, choose the number of pins to display, show or hide the image captions, and display a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button under your pins.

Features include: A clean and modern look (like Pinterest), looks great on light, captions scale and look nice with long or short text, Semantic HTML, easy to install, simply add a Pinterest username and you’re good to go.

9. WP Pinner:


Here’s something spectacular that’s not easy to find: WP Pinner is a Pinterest dashboard that allows you to manage your Pinterest account right from your WordPress blog.  Let this fabulous plugin make your life easier by letting you: Auto-pin WordPress posts, schedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users and keep track of your account.

What’s more, is that it is 100 percent free to use from your WP admin and all you have to do is sign up to get access.

10. Pinterest RSS Widget:


RSS you Pinterest account by adding this widget to your plugins collection. The Pinterest RSS widget plugin will allow you to display your latest pins and other Pinterest activity on your WP blog’s sidebar. The latest thumbnails will be fetched from the Pinterest account’s RSS feed and update on the widget. This widget will let you take control by allowing you to customize it and set it to match your theme, decide if you want image descriptions to be displayed, choose from four different types of “Follow Me” buttons, alter the size using CSS styling, and much more.

A Bonus Plugin

11. Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest:


The Alpine photo tile gallery is one of the most creative and compact in-post galleries you can find. Unlike most other gallery styles, the Alpine photo tile widget has a unique “photo tile” display. A short code generator will enable you to insert it to any post of your liking with ease (without learning how to code). Other features include:

  • Display Pinterest images in a sidebar, post, or page;
  • Include a Pin It button;
  • Multiple styles to allow for customization;
  • Lightbox feature for interactive slideshow (Fancybox, prettyBox, or ColorBox);
  • Simple instructions;
  • Widget and short code options;
  • Feed caching/storage for improved page loading.

To view a demonstration, visit the Alpine Press website.


Keity Adrian is a digital media manager with core specialization in analyzing social trends and spikes. She’s also a tech enthusiast with a deep passion for everything “techy.” Join her on G+ for a geeky hangout.