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May 26, 2015

Google Dolls Could Bring Terror Into Your Home

Patent Shows Idea For Creepy, Interactive Toys

Dolls have been used, numerous times, in horror films to add a level of terror.

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Photo Credit: Carlos Luna via flickr

Despite this, Google has filed a patent for a terrifying line of toys that could communicate with users, be controlled by Bluetooth and may even be able to control devices in someone’s home. In other words, Google has thrown all caution to the wind and wants to possess your home.

OK, so maybe that last bit is a stretch but there’s no denying the idea — and the associated images with the patent file — can send shivers down one’s spine. A teddy bear with microphones in its ear and cameras in its eyes? There’s an appropriate mix of creepiness and voyeurism with the whole approach.

However, that’s exactly what the patent filed in 2012 depicts, a line of toys that could interact with users by making eye contact, wiggle their ears and move their tails.

As reported by Time, Google probably wasn’t thinking of the creep factor when the idea first bubbled to the surface within its X labs, but it was probably considered as a potential extension of the appliances and devices that fall under the Internet of Things umbrella.

The patent explains how the dolls could even be used as a conduit for controlling lighting, television and other devices connected via the Internet, but it would be difficult, admittedly, to get past the weirdness of the entire thing.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.