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May 26, 2015

Leaked Images Show New Google Photo App

Expected to Launch This Summer on Android

It appears Google will be bringing its photos into sharper focus.

Photo appAfter months of rumors and suspicions, news broke Monday — via some leaked screenshots — that Google will be introducing a new photos app for Android. Google Photos is expected to launch this summer for Smartphones and will likely be part of the Google+ experience, too.

It was Android Police that first provided the leaked images reporting when users launch the app they will be met with a pinwheel animation. That wasn’t all, though, as the site noted animated illustrations will walk users through the new app meant to make editing and sharing photos easier and fun.

The leaked screenshots, if to be believed, illustrate a smoother, more streamlined app aimed at simplifying things for all users.

The change shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — there has been talk of an overhaul of how Google handles images.

Google’s senior vice president for products, Sundar Pichai, was quoted by Venture Beat as saying the company would be looking at ways to improve user experience when it comes to photographs.

“Photos are a big use case,” Pichai said. “So we are going to say this is the stream now.”

Perhaps the coolest thing, though, is that the new app will reportedly feature photo and video link sharing. Users will be able to set privacy controls allowing people to remove location data removed from their photos when shared through links.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.