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May 28, 2015

Eight Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Employee Engagement

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Workers who like what they do and are passionate about their jobs are fundamental to the success of an organization. An uninterested employee on the other hand, who hates his job, will become lazy, thus decreasing company productivity as well as morale and turnover rate. According to recent statistics, 60 percent of today’s workers would abandon their current positions if they didn’t feel engaged. Keeping staff motivated in an organization is all about building a business culture that guarantees that employees are indeed committed to their jobs and company values. Here are eight creative ways you can use to boost employee engagement.

1. Know your workers on a more personal level

Believe it or not getting to know your employees on a more personal level can help you keep them engaged. Maria might be your most skilled marketer, but she’s also a full-time mom who likes to write and bake in her free time. Take some time to connect with your workers and you’ll create a deeper bond. This shows that you care for them, and that you have the power to help them grow and progress while working in your company.

2. Pay more attention to micromanagement

The key to keeping employees engaged is never micromanagement. As a manager and company owner, you shouldn’t control your staff’s every move. Instead, maintain your focus on their strengths, and work together to combat weaknesses. This glues the team together, and it makes employees feel more valued and appreciated.

3. Keep employees challenged

Bored employees are unengaged. When nothing motivates them to do their jobs better and faster, your bottom line is affected; and in today’s competitive business environment, you can’t afford to become invisible. This will eventually make your company fade into nothingness. Challenge employees to do more. Give them more freedom and allow them to make decisions.

4. Encourage innovation and creativity

An innovative company should hire employees with great potential. Don’t just hire the average, and search for people that can actually make a difference. Approach employees with an issue and challenge them to come up with a solution. Ask questions, organize brainstorming meetings, and value their ideas. This way, you keep them engaged while searching for creative, original ways to boost productivity.

5. Be honest and straightforward

When trying to engage employees, honesty is fundamental. In case a client is not happy with the performance of the staff, you should have the capacity to inform workers they should work harder and do more. Don’t lecture, but be frank. Make them feel part of a team and they’ll appreciate that you’re being so transparent.

6. Provide constructive criticism

Many company owners confuse constructive criticism with disapproval. It’s not the same thing. Rather than scream and shout that they messed up a contract, you should take a moment to explain what they did wrong. Keep your criticism centered on the work and don’t turn it into a personal matter.

7. Celebrate success together

Success should be celebrated together with your staff. Annual company picnics and holiday parties are not enough to keep them engaged. Workers feel that managers appreciate their efforts when they praise their achievements. Buy them dinner at a fancy restaurant after an exhausting work week, and allow them to get to know you as a person. The more connected they feel, the better chance you have of keeping them in your company for more than just a few months or years.

8. Offer them financial and non-financial incentives

We can’t avoid the money issue when it comes to employee engagement. However, money alone won’t keep workers motivated. Company owners should offer salary packages to employees. A raise every six months is more than welcomed; but this doesn’t guarantee that your staff is engaged. Focus your attention on non-financial incentives too, such as flexible working hours, paid vacations, better working conditions, seminars for career development, and so on. These are the kinds of things that motivate workers to remain with a company. In today’s tough business environment, coming to work relaxed beats an attractive salary with stressful working conditions.


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