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Google to Debut Buy Buttons in Search: Report

Google will soon debut a Buy Now button in its search results — a feature that will permit shoppers to purchase products without having to navigate to a separate site.

Google chief business officer Omid Kordestani confirmed the upcoming addition at a technology conference on Wednesday.

“There is going to be a buy button, it is actually imminent,” Kordestani said, adding the goal is to reduce “friction” and make it easier to complete online purchases.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Buy Now button will initially launch on mobile devices. Sources who are “familiar with the matter,” told the Journal the button will permit people who click on product ads in search results to buy the items they are interested in without having to go to the company’s site. An earlier report from the WSJ indicated the buy buttons would debut in the coming weeks.

Google is not the first company with plans to launch buy buttons. Facebook last year began testing a buy button as a way to “help businesses drive sales through Facebook in News Feed and on Pages” while Twitter, also last year, was testing a buy button on tweets from a group of select brands, organizations and celebrities, enabling users to buy directly from retailers’ tweets.

Pinterest is reportedly planning to launch buy buttons on its site in the next three to six months, permitting users of the social media site to order and pay for products without having to leave the site or app.


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  • This will create a forum for cut-throat advertising, given that purchases will be higher for those for are ranked higher compared to sites that have a lower search engine ranking.

    Small and medium businesses online will certainly be forced-out.

  • Many people are already wary of purchasing off the Internet – even when they visit the site they’re purchasing the item off, never mind the transaction going through some “unknown” process.

    Security has to be the be all and end all of Internet shopping, and just picking a website off a search results listing, to me, doesn’t provide that reasurance of knowing exactly who I’m dealing with. Basically, who’ll be managing the financial transaction(s) – Google or the actual e-commerce site in question?

    There is another angle, in that many (if not all) e-commerce websites, try to “up sell” items – will this be possible via this method?