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Inbox by Gmail Now Available to All Without Invitation

Inbox for Gmail is now available to all.

The e-mail service, which launched last fall, enables users to keep their messages organized by better categorizing e-mails and displaying important information such as flight itineraries, event information, and photos and documents from friends and family.

The previous invitation-only system enabled Google to test Inbox and receive feedback from a set number of users — and the firm has launched a number of updates based on what the early testers had to say.

“Back in October we introduced a new type of inbox—one that works for you. Since then you’ve told us what you like best about Inbox by Gmail, as well as how we can make it better. And we want to say thank you,” said director of product management Alex Gawley.
“Because of your feedback, we’re improving many of your favorite features, and launching your most highly-requested ones. So sit back, relax and enjoy all the updates.”

The service now includes Trip Bundles, a tool that bundles together all e-mails about a trip with the most important details — such as flight times and hotel reservation numbers — available as soon as Inbox is opened.

Other new features include:

  • The ability to set custom Snooze times;
  • Undo Send, which enables users to take back an e-mail right after sending it, which comes in handy if there is an error, or one simply decides against sending it;
  • The ability to make ‘Delete’ the default swiping action;
  • The ability to personalize sent messages with a custom signature;
  • Reminders in Keep now appear in Inbox;
  • When a contact e-mails a to-do list, Inbox can now suggest adding a Reminder.

Google is also in the early stages “of bringing Inbox to work,” and is now expanding its Inbox early adopter program to any Google Apps for Work customer who wants to join.

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  • Message show in My Samsung GAlaxy Star Pro Mobile (Version 4.1.2) This app is incompatible with your device.

    how to install Inbox by Gmail ??

  • Some of these new “features”, have been available in other e-mail systems for years (if not decades). Such as the ability to automatically add a signature onto the bottom of each e-mail sent, or to automatically file e-mails depending on the message type/sender etc.