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Google’s Smart Lock Password Tool Provides Automatic Signs-Ins

Google has launched a new tool to make signing in to sites both easier and more secure.

Launched under the Google Identity Platform at its I/O developer conference, Smart Lock for Passwords offers “frictionless” sign-in ability across Chrome and Android.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 4.04.37 PMNow, with Smart Lock for Passwords, you can either login to or sign-up for apps on Android and sites in Chrome with any account. You will also automatically be signed-in across devices without having to enter a password.

“In turn, you reduce the risk of forgotten user passwords and missed conversion opportunities when users get frustrated trying to sign in or move on to another activity,” reads the Identity Platform website.

“Once your user saves a password to Smart Lock, they can skip entering their credentials on all of their Chrome and Android devices.”

Here is how it works: If you wanted to log in to Netflix, for instance, after signing in, Smart Lock would ask if you wished to save your password to your account. Assuming you answer ‘yes,’ as long as you are signed in to your Google account, the app will know your Netflix password and autofill your info for you no matter what device you use.

Some early partners incluse Netflix, the New York Times and Instacart.

Developers interested in employing the new feature for their app or website can use the new Smart Lock API for Android.

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