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June 2, 2015

Spread the Word: How to Use Social Media to Boost the Attendance of Your Conference

The factor that determines if a conference is successful is its attendance, and you should settle for nothing less than a full house.

The secret to getting people to attend and look forward to your conference is giving them a reason to be excited, which is why your conference needs to stand out from all others. No matter which social platform you prefer – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn – each of the following tips will be suitable for them, so check them out.

Work your target audience (perks, season tickets, movie tickets, discounts, coupons)

First, you need to remind your audience and loyal customers that you’re here. This is when your newsletter comes in – create some kind of loyalty program where you’ll be awarding the fastest few with some kind of perks. You can use practically anything for this cause – season tickets for a game, movie ticket for an upcoming premier, all sorts of coupons and discounts – anything will work. Make sure the contest has a strictly determined expiration date, because people really respond to this.

Increase social media activity gradually

After your newsletter, it’s time for social media. If you haven’t really used any of your accounts regularly, you shouldn’t force anything. Start by sharing posts more frequently and work your way up from there. It’s not necessary to create new content for increasing social media activity – you can share your old posts, but if you have enough time, it’s not a bad idea to come up with something new.

Announce your event before you create it officially

Before you actually create your conference event, you need to warm up your audience. Find a way to keep them on the edge of their seats with a countdown, a few banners, or an infographic. This way, they will be excited for whatever you have prepared.

Creating an official event doesn’t get much harder than filling in all the specific boxes with precise information. Before you post it, make sure that everything is in order. Then, you just need to follow up with a couple of helpful rules, so you’re positive everything is going according to plan.

Use a little bit of mystery

People tend to respond to secrecy. So, no matter what kind of program you plan on conducting during your conference, make sure to include a little bit of mystery. For example, you could have a surprise keynote speaker or keep your main event a secret. Doing this will pique people’s curiosity.

Make sure your event is successfully followed through

By paying attention to those tips I mentioned earlier, you’ll be set to go. But, in order to have everything under control, you’ll need someone in charge of each and every thing happening online when it comes to your event. The person you hire for this job needs to have all info about the conference so he/she can promptly respond to any kind of question that pops up.

Invest in quality content only

Creating an event is simply not enough. If you really want to spread the word about your conference, you need to come up with content that explains why people need to attend. Forget about quantity, because you can easily be marked as spam, the quality of your content is what counts. Everything you share needs to be carefully analyzed to ensure it is meeting the goals you have set. Of course, this will require some time, so it’s best to have each piece of content you plan on sharing already prepared.

One last piece of advice – always have a list of activities for posting on social media ready-to-go, so that nothing slips your mind and you get your info posted in a timely manner. I hope you’ll find my tips useful, and I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Toby Dean is digital marketer typically working with small- to medium-sized businesses in the U.K. for Addpeople. AddPeople currently serves more than 2,000 SMEs in the U.K.