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June 3, 2015

The Growing IT Age: How You Can Get in on the Action

This year is set to be one of the biggest years in IT growth, as more companies are seeing the value of moving their infrastructure to the cloud. While this may mean less IT positions within major companies and organizations, it also means more opportunities for IT professionals in the public sector working for large cloud-based firms. As information is consolidated amongst the top cloud providers, the need for new talent will continue to increase. Veteran IT professionals will likely see a pay increase and work for private companies to keep on-site infrastructures highly secure and compatible with third-party software. Get in on the action now, and you can grow your career and become part of the global IT surge. According the Wall Street Journal, jobs in computer software engineering are expected to grow by 32 percent before 2018. Other computer fields are expected to see the similar growth as well.

The Growth of Big Data

As big data continues to address problems with filtering massive amounts of data, companies will need new talent to organize and structure the systems used to process the data. To get in on the industry, it’s important to attend school and get the education necessary to compete with other candidates. With 2014 behind us, a year nicknamed “the year of the breach,” it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to hire only the best and most effective talent.

Take Online Courses

There are a variety of online courses available for those that are already working in the industry. If you have some basic knowledge, you may benefit from courses available online. Many courses will even prepare you to take certification exams that will help you improve your credentials, especially if you’re coming from a different industry. For example, this CompTIA PluralSight course takes professionals through the basics of storage principles, including information on traditional drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, and more, preparing professionals for a certifying exam. Other organizations also offer similar courses to help prepare information technology specialists with everything they need to stay current in the industry.

Decide Where to Specialize

The world of IT needs specialists. Cyber-security, cloud computing, mobile and Web-based games and apps are all fields that are seeing an explosion of new growth. Aim to specialize in one of these areas for the greatest chance at employability. It’s important to get a solid foundation in computer technology, and not just learn how to use the latest technologies. The future of information technology is going to need creators of new technology, not users. Simply knowing how to use flash is not enough to write new video games.

Move Through the Ranks

Decide where you want to be in five and ten years. You may start out at the entry level, but with the right motivation and planning, you could easily move up and obtain a job as a senior-level engineer, project manager or senior-level developer. This will require additional training and knowledge, but there are plenty of online programs that can help you improve your skills and stay current after graduating from your undergraduate degree program. After several years, you can expect to become an architect who is adept at creating and testing new technologies. The role of an architect requires a good understanding of several fields within information technology and an ability to see the bigger picture and accomplish business objectives.

The best course to success in information technology is to decide early on what you want to achieve, and position yourself to meet those goals. Take advanced courses, get another degree and be pro-active about taking any additional development courses offered by your company. Volunteer for projects and push yourself to meet the challenges presented to you. By pushing forward and continually developing, you can succeed and thrive in the field of information technology.


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