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June 11, 2015

Email Marketing: A Necessity for Startups

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To establish a startup business it is first imperative that you have a strong user base via different social media platforms. This is also seen as a primary point of focus in the initial stages of any startup. As such, for the sake of better performance in the starting years, the business’ social media marketing must be able to complement all email related customer engagement activities.

Today, online users from all across the globe regularly use email services. McKinnsey & Co, a well-renowned global management consulting firm, stated that email marketing is as much as forty times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined. This effectiveness is even more evident when a startup is seeking new customers. Moreover, startups should utilize the services of prominent email marketing agencies, such as Mailigen to be able to reel in their target audience more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, email tends to underpin everything in social media marketing and sales. Therefore startups must always go for an approach that lets them make the best use of email marketing. Additionally, when engaging with customer email, the overarching strategy should be to deliver “wanted email messages” consisting of “appropriate content” to the “deserved receivers” at the “best possible time.”

Here is an interesting fact: Transactional and marketing emails that include notifications, receipts, password resets, promotions and social alerts help any startup to better connect and engage with customers. As such, this can significantly aid the growth of the new business. Moreover, when marketing emails are not delivered to the senders, it results in loss of sales and poor customer service on behalf of the startup. This only signifies how important email marketing services are for any business, and not just for startups.

“Content is King”

The phrase “content is king” applies perfectly to any email marketing strategy. As such, a startup must always give their audience top-most priority and therefore design a message that tends to emotionally connect with the receivers. This will aid the startup in bringing all relevant information to their customers. Additionally, if the message is personalized, this will end up establishing a relationship between both sender and target audience. This is why today, providers of mail marketing solutions greatly emphasize the “personalization” factor.

Moreover, the subject line report from Adestra has stated that businesses can get up to 20% more traffic just by personalizing their email messages. Accordingly, the right approach here should be to create a short and compelling subject line that customers can easily understand. As per several marketing studies, emails with six to eleven words in the subject lines rank with the highest open rates. Professional email marketing services make sure that subject lines are “eye-catching” for the viewer. And for this purpose, they often take benefits from existing facts to show how they can benefit the reader.

Email Marketing allows Startups to “Segment” their Target Population

Via email marketing, any startup can divide its target population in segments. This will allow the firm to give all of them a different marketing message that better suits each segment’s taste. For example, a startup can choose to have a different marketing approach for receivers aged 18-30 as compared to those aged 40-50. Moreover, this will allow the business to have a positive and constructive start that provides significant benefits in the long term.

Finally, it is important to state that employing the services of mail marketing solutions providers is critical for any startup company. Likewise, with the aid of the right email marketing strategy, the startup’s founders will surely acquire more engaged users. Besides this, a good email deliverability system will also have a positive effect on different areas of a startup such as sales and social media marketing.

As such, once the startup begins to scale, email marketing should continue to be the center of the company’s attention. This is because any slide in performance may mean that hundreds or even thousands of customers are not receiving emails as per their expectations.


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