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Facebook Brings Games to Messenger

Those tired of simply messaging their friends back and forth on Facebook’s Messenger can now invite them to guess what they’re doodling.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

That’s because Facebook has added its first game to its messaging app with Doodle Draw. The game is simple — players send a doodle to friends encouraging them to guess what it is they’re drawing. Basically, it’s Pictionary for the new generation.

The game lets players pick a word from a trio offered and then must do their best to draw that image, explained The Wall Street Journal. That image, via Facebook Messenger, is sent to a friend with a “Guess What I’ve Drawn” message.

The game marks a first for Facebook — it is the debut game available through the app. However, as Venture Beat reported, it is not the first download made available through the Messenger app. Users have been able to download other apps through the service but this is the first foray into gaming for Messenger.

It’s a natural progression for Facebook as the mobile-gaming industry continues to grow not only in popularity but profitability.

The app is available, at no charge, on both Android and iOS phones through either Apple’s store or the Google Play site. The game is already receiving some positive reviews from those who have downloaded it.

Obviously, though, if a user isn’t on Facebook Messenger they can’t guess what’s being doodled.

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