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EyeIn Puts Eye on Social Media

Social media has exploded in the past decade with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and dozens of others boasting billions of users across the globe.

social networkSo, it’s only natural as that side of the web has grown that another side would, finally, catch up and use the social media phenomenon as its own niche. That’s where EyeIn comes in, a new search engine that scours those very social media sites to come back with its findings of the best photos and videos posted to those sites.

Admittedly, the search engine’s findings can be a bit hit and miss at times. For example, search the word ‘food’ and a user may be intrigued to see an image of a man at a turntable, but the premise of the site is interesting.

The engine has been launched by Mobli Media Inc., a leading player in social media and visual content sharing technologies. It’s been in the works for the past three years and, as explained by Mobli’s chief operating officer Ido Sadeh, is meant to bring back images and videos users actually want to see rather than dozens of images that have nothing to do with the user’s desired search.

“For a Lady Gaga concert that we measured, we saw that 70 percent of the photos were selfies, which is not the most interesting or relevant material to someone who wants to see a Lady Gaga concert through the eyes of others,” Sadeh told PCWorld in a recent interview.

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