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Anonymous Targets Canadian Government Websites

Photo Credit: Tobi Gaulke via flickr

Despite being the target of hackers and going offline for several hours there was no breach of any personal data on Canadian government websites, officials said.

Canada mapThe numerous websites were interrupted Wednesday forcing officials to eventually take them down in a bid to address the issue. The attacks were, eventually, claimed by the hacktivist group Anonymous. The group, reported Reuters, pointed to a controversial anti-terrorist bill the Canadian government has been arguing over for several months as the cause for the attack.

A member of anonymous who appeared in a video uploaded to YouTube stated the bill targets those who may question the government and violates human rights.

Numerous government websites were down Wednesday including the federal government’s site where people apply for social services and can access forms to make application.

The attacks, though, did not mean any sensitive information had been accessed by the hackers.

Canada’s minister of public safety, Steven Blaney, told Business Times several sites had been the target of the attack. Residents, though, had nothing to worry about, he stressed.

“The cyberattack and cyber security is an issue that we take very seriously,” Blaney said. “We are increasing our resources and polices to be better equipped to face cyberattacks, whether they are coming from hackers from a group, potentially, that has said they did it today, (or) state-sponsored or terrorist entities.”

Canada isn’t the first country Anonymous has placed in the crosshairs of an attack. The group, in the past, has launched similar initiatives against Australia, Poland and China.

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