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How to Create a Profitable Blog in Nine Steps

How many times have you heard about someone making money with their blog? It’s probably happening more often now than you think. With hundreds of millions of blogs in the world today, it’s not about creating a blog, instead, it’s about properly planning out your blog and treating it like a business before you even get started.

If you want to find success in the world of blogging, you need to plan out your niche, find your audience and build a plan around your monetization and future growth for your blog.

Of course this is easier said then done, but there are actually plenty of useful tools and resources out there to help you along the way. For example, a make money blogging infographic breaks down the whole process into a simple nine-step formula while also providing you with key examples and visuals as well.

Once you understand the value of pre-planning your blog, it’s time to walk through the process yourself and build a blog that has the potential to stand out from the crowd and make you some money in the process.

Here are the key areas you will need to focus your efforts on.

Find a Niche Topic, then Niche Down Again

Yes, we all know the importance of finding a niche, but why are so many people still doing this wrong? Finding a niche isn’t as simple as saying “I want to blog about pets.” That is simply way too generic. You need to niche that niche down even more.

Here’s an example of how you should break down your niche: Pets; Dogs; Dog Toys; Unbreakable Dog Toys.

Now that’s a solid niche, and definitely one that could be profitable as well. Millions of people are searching for dog toys on Google every day and a good portion of them are probably looking for ‘unbreakable dog toys.’ This is a great niche for you to create a blog and maybe even become an authority within that niche.

Creating Content that Provides Real Value

The success of a blog lies within the content that is found within the site. With millions of blogs already out there, your blog needs to have better and more detailed content then the majority of them.

Sticking with ‘Unbreakable Dog Toys’ as our niche topic, you could create a blog that provides reviews on all of the best dog toys out there.

In addition to posting a content-rich review article on your site for the top selling dog toys out there, you could also embed videos of the toys. If you really wanted to take your blogging efforts to the highest level, you could do video reviews with your and your dog playing with the toys and giving the pros and cons of each.

How to Monetize Your Blog Content and Traffic

You might now be saying ‘Wow, look at all of this great information on how to create a niche blog on unbreakable dog toys. But I don’t want to actually sell physical dog toys… I just wanted to start a blog.’

My thoughts exactly… thankfully bloggers can take full advantage of affiliate marketing — the concept of earning a commission every time you refer a sale or lead transaction to another website, brand or company.

Most sites on the Internet these days have affiliate programs, and in the case of our unbreakable dog toys blog, we would want to join the affiliate programs for Petco, Petsmart and

Without going into too much detail, any blogger could join the affiliate program for each of these sites, or any sites that sell unbreakable dog toys. Every time we review a new product on our blog, we could include a link to the product (using our affiliate link) and then earn a commission on each referred sale. (This method applies to nearly any niche, as their are thousands of affiliate programs and through Amazon’s affiliate program you could be earning a commission on any of the millions of products sold via its site.

Best of all, as the blogger/affiliate, you never have to deal with the customer, product, transaction or anything like that. You simply need to create awesome content and get people to your site. Once they click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you will simply earn a commission and be paid at the end of the month (or whenever their terms say) for referring new leads and sales to their site.

The Business of Blogging is Booming

Millions of bloggers are making money with their sites every day, especially fashion bloggers. Nearly all of them are treating their blog like a business and putting in the necessary time, work and effort to get it to where it is today.

In addition to the three major points I mentioned above, bloggers should also be taking advantage of social media, creating original content (like infographics) that can go viral and build new incoming links to their sites and also use guest blogging to effectively bring in high quality and relevant backlinks to their sites.

Once all of these methods are in place, you will start to see your blog’s organic listings jump higher in the search results.

The most important thing to remember when attempting to create a profitable blog, is that it’s a long-term process. Since the costs to startup a blog is minimal, it will take a decent amount of time to build out content, rank organically and build an audience if you aren’t putting any paid advertising methods behind the site.

While this may seem like a disappointment to anyone who was hoping to make big bucks over the next week with their blog, the benefit of creating a high authority and content rich blog, is that it will continue to rank, get traffic and make money for many years to come.

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