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BlackBerry Brings Some Privacy to BBM

The Private Chat function in BlackBerry Messenger simply shows the text without user names or profile images.

Anonymity is nothing new in the technology world, but BlackBerry has added a feature ensuring some conversations can’t be tracked.

blackberry-logo_1While it’s been floating in the beta version for a few weeks now, Monday marked the official launch of Private Chat. The BlackBerry Messenger option allows users to chat, anonymously, without fear of someone seeing the conversation and being able to see who is saying what.

Pictures posted at BlackBerry’s blog site show the difference with examples of a regular BBM chat and a Private Chat. While messages show normally in the private mode there are no profile images or names meaning it is impossible to tell who is having the conversation.

The feature is new but, as Venture Beat reported, ties in with the company’s bid to increase security and, at times, anonymity for users. It’s been roughly one year since BlackBerry stole a page from Snapchat’s book and introduced timed messages which disappear after a set time. There’s a similar option for photographs.

The Private Chat option, though, isn’t free. It’s available to users — along with timed messages and pictures and message retraction — for a subscription of $1 per month.

It’s a bold move by BlackBerry which has been struggling to maintain its significance in the mobile world, but new features are always welcome by users. However, providing those features at a cost — minimal or not — may not be the smartest move.

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