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July 1, 2015

Business Writing Tools

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Writing quality content suitable for a business setting is essential, especially if you want to effectively promote your business’ brand and gain profit. The right business writing tools makes the whole task easier and more efficient. Business writing has to appeal to the target audience for it to eventually convert into sales. It should be coherent and creatively written. By using the following tools, writing quality content has never been so easy.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that is powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology. With this app, you can speak and generate the text instantly. You do not have to type because it is a voice recognition application. Whether you are creating an e-mail message or a blog post, it is now easy for you to just speak and instantly create the text using your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.


When writing for business use, there are different types of documents that you have to create. There are times when you simply rely on templates and forms so it is much faster to just add the text needed. Through Docstoc, you get to see top documents available online. From business plans, pay slip templates to financial projections, almost all of the business documents you need are available on this site. They have a premium document library that you can browse. The site also gives you various expert articles, videos, customizable legal forms for download and even online learning courses. You can use the site for free but you cannot access everything. Plans start at $9.95 per month.

When you have a lot of projects on-the-go, it can be difficult to spend time writing. In such situations, you can always rely on professional writing services. provides a wide range of writing services depending on your needs. Whether it is business writing or other types of content, you simply send in the instructions and an expert will handle the job. You just have to give the instructions and other details. Once you have paid for the job, they will deliver based on the deadline you set.

Sentence Aerobics

Writing with clarity is important especially for a business material. You need your readers to understand what you are saying. VanWrite Sentence Aerobics is a software program that can show your content’s strengths and weaknesses. It also highlights the parts that need revisions. With Sentence Aerobics, there is no need for software — it can be used across various operating systems and all browsers. All you have to do is to access the website and start using the tool to make the necessary changes.


Launched back in 2007, Scrivener is an app that was named the 2010 Editors’ Choice Award. This app offers writing aid to make it easier and more efficient for business owners. This tool can help you all throughout the process. What is nice about this app is that is simplifies the writing, editing and revising process. Now, you can use this tool whenever you are writing any business material. You can easily organize your thoughts, ideas and other relevant information that you want to include in the piece. Having a well-written and structured article is crucial.

In business, there are certain words that must be used to make your content sound formal. There are also words you should not use. The website, offers a platform where you can “unsuck” business jargon. It is very easy to use. You can even search the site or just key in a word to check. By using this tool, you can replace words that suck and with creative and appealing words for your business content.

Gunning Fog Index

The length of business content is also important. Gunning Fog Index is a tool that you can use to see the weighted average of the number of words for every sentence. It also calculates the number of long words. To use this tool, you just copy and paste the text into the tool. Just make sure that the text is in complete sentences. Results are available instantly.


Amy Cowen is a content editor and freelance blogger. She manages her own team of writers at and tries to improve their productivity with the help of technology.