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July 2, 2015

10 Ways to Creatively Design Your Business Twitter Profile

Twitter is such a great social media tool, isn’t it? It connects you with your audience, helps you reach a wider one, and makes it incredibly easy to go with the trends. When used right, it can be a powerful social channel for your business, and can be a lot of fun, too.

There are different aspects you need to consider when it comes to using this channel, and one of those is how you can creatively design your business Twitter profile to be absolutely powerful. I am going to take a look at some great ideas to help you create the best, most impactful profile that people will simply love to follow.

Why Do You Need to Have a Great Twitter Design?

It might seem like all you need to do with Twitter is slap up a profile image, and possibly a cover image, and then start tweeting. People only follow you because of what you tweet, right? Well, this is definitely a contributing factor to why someone wants to follow your business or brand. However, another great element to convince someone to click that follow button and read your content is to have an epic, creative, and powerful Twitter profile. It will help set you apart from your competitors, make your brand look unique no matter how common of a product you have while convincing people that you aren’t a spam account.

When you start interacting with people, they will click your Twitter link and look at the profile to establish just how legitimate you are and decide if you’re worthy of a follow. In order to show your worthiness, you need to dedicate time to your profile design. But how do you do this? Have no fear! I am going to take you on an awesome journey to show you just how you can create an amazingly creative design for your business Twitter profile.

10 Excellent Ways to Design a Creative Business Twitter Profile

Just what are some of the ways you can design an incredible, creative Twitter profile for your business? Here are some excellent tips that you can use to have an expert, professional looking Twitter account! 

  1. Use High-Quality Cover Images to Grab Attention. Twitter gives you the chance to create epic profiles by letting you customize your profile image and cover photo. A lot of people already upload profile images, but the header is one that can often be forgotten. You don’t want to leave it blank, however, because it can help set your brand up and make your Twitter profile look absolutely incredible. When you create a header image, make sure to use a high-quality photo that matches your brand and brand personality. If you’re looking for some excellent cover image inspiration, check out HubSpot’s blog on some of the top brands with incredible header photos!
  1. Choose a Great, Easy to See Profile Image. Like I said above, Twitter gives you the chance to customize your profile image. This is a great chance to use your logo while using a different photo for your header. When you create a profile image, make sure to use a smaller, condensed version of your logo and keep it unique from the header image. This will help get your logo into the entire square profile image, and also help make your profile look unique to new followers.
  1. Create a Perfect Twitter Handle for Your Business. You want a Twitter handle that not only represents your business’s name, but is also creative. Your Twitter handle can be just yet another step in the perfect profile design, matching the personality you are attempting to achieve with your profile. If possible, choose something that doesn’t utilize numbers or underscores to help make your handle stand out as unique. Many times, someone might see that underscore or number and believe that the name was already taken, meaning your brand isn’t unique. The best way to avoid this is to not utilize those, making your handle and brand look original.
  1. Don’t Ignore Creating a Fun, Snappy Twitter Bio. Your bio is also another step in the design, especially with Twitter’s current layout system. Once people have scanned your profile and cover image, they will look at your handle again and then naturally read your Twitter bio. If you create something fun and snappy, you will run a greater chance of convincing that person to follow you. It can really help show that your content is going to be excellent, as well as fun.
  1. Pin Your Favorite, Most Creative Tweet to the Top of Your Profile. An excellent feature on Twitter is the ability to pin a tweet to the top of your profile. According to Kevan Lee at Buffer, you can pin any tweet you want from one of your top blogs to a favorite, witty joke you told. This gives you the chance to pin one that will look excellent with your Twitter profile. You want to be sure you pin something that is fun, interesting, or represents your brand well, helping you capture a visitor’s attention. Take a look at these two examples of pinned tweets from the We Need Diverse Books and Game of Thrones’ Twitter profiles.





  1. Create Creative Twitter Lists for Clients to Follow. Twitter Lists are an incredible resource that many businesses aren’t taking advantage of. These allow you to create lists for your business to follow privately, as well as lists to allow your followers to follow. This works as a great design tip simply because it offers more content to your client base, helping them get more content in a variety of ways. Make sure that you only make completed lists public (though you can always add to them later) to make everything look complete and professional. If you want to know just what you can do with Twitter lists, take a look at Buffer’s excellent list.
  1. What You Tweet Can be Part of the Design. Your tweets can be another element in your design, even though you will be continually posting. There are many ways that you can make excellent tweets from knowing what type of content you want to share to utilizing hashtags well. When you share the right, high-quality content on your Twitter profile, you are continually updating your design with fresh, relevant content for your audience. This content, along with other profile elements, can be what convinces someone to follow you so make sure you are posting the best content possible.
  1. Use “Favorites” to Catalog Different Tweets. In the Buffer blog I referenced in point 5, Kevan Lee also states that a great way to use your Twitter account effectively is to maintain your “favorites” carefully. While this can help you with content, it can also be great for your Twitter design. If you haphazardly favorite tweets, your “favorites” category could look cluttered, but if you carefully select what you favorite, you can curate great looking content. Make sure that you favorite tweets are relevant to your brand and consider clicking favorite on tweets that mention you, as well, to have a snazzy, professional looking favorites section.
  1. Always Add Your Website to Make the Profile Look Complete. An incomplete Twitter profile can look incredibly unprofessional, and it can also make people think your account is spam. A great way to make sure everything is complete is to add your images, brand name, bio, and a link to your website. Once someone decides to follow you, you are giving them the chance to find your business and take a look at your products and services. Make sure you add your web address to make your profile look complete and incredible.
  1. Include Hashtags, @ Mentions, and/or Links. When it comes to your Twitter bio, you want to make sure you optimize it while considering looks and design. Neil Patel from Buffer suggests that you add a hashtag or two, mention someone, or add another link if necessary. This can help make your bio look great while also being incredibly impactful. Since this is for your business profile, consider adding one or two hashtags in it to reach a wider audience. However, if you want to make a page you use in connection with the business profile, always @ mention your business in your bio.

An Epic Twitter Profile is a Few Clicks Away!

Well, there you have it. There are so many different things you can do outside of excellent images when it comes to designing your Twitter profile. What are some aspects you are keen on trying ASAP? Let me know in the comments! In addition, if you are looking for someone to help you create a great, creative, and powerful Twitter profile, look no further than Express Writers. We don’t only provide excellent social media posting content, but we can also create a great Twitter profile. Take a look at our services to see just how we can help you!


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