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Facebook Sharing Video Revenue with Creators

Facebook is taking a page from YouTube when it comes to advertising revenue associated with videos.

YouTube logoLike the popular video stream site, Facebook will begin sharing 55 per cent of advertising revenue with video creators beginning this fall. It could mean a major battle between the social network and the Google-owned video site as Facebook has never offered revenue sharing with creators.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Financial Times the idea behind the move is to “help people discover more videos similar to the ones they enjoy” and, at the same time, provide video creators with some revenue generated from advertising accompanying their videos.

The 55 per cent ratio is the same amount YouTube shares with creators.

Re/Code reported Facebook is pitching the move to advertisers as a more sure-fire way to ensure people see their videos. While YouTube videos generally require someone to seek them out to view the Facebook ones appear in users’ news feeds and, as such, will likely have more people watch them.

Of course, this means Facebook users should expect to see a lot more video content in their feeds and that’s exactly what is wanted by the social media site.

“A lot of [our partners] have said this will be a big motivation to start publishing a lot more video content to Facebook,” Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of partnerships, told Re/Code. “That’s exactly what we’re hoping for.”

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