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July 7, 2015

Eight Tools to Increase Your Social Media Presence

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Maintaining an active presence on social media is no easy task considering the sheer number of platforms. Constantly updating your various accounts with relevant and interesting content takes a lot of time, something most businesses cannot afford. However, there are content discovery/scheduling apps that can take care of these tasks for you.

1. Followerwonk: This very useful tool lets you identify potential customers based on specific keywords. It offers you the ability to search Twitter bios and connect with anyone. It also lets you compare different Twitter accounts and assesses the influence of the users. The app allows you to identify the behavioral patterns of different users; understanding this gives you the ability to improve your interactions with your target audience.

2. HootSuite: One of the most popular tools in usage currently, HootSuite integrates up to three social media accounts, offers basic analytics, 2 RSS feeds and basic message scheduling. The app offers all this from one centralized dashboard. It also allows you to collaborate with team members by delegating messages to different members.

3. Kred: Kred is a scoring app that scores your influence and outreach. The dashboard shows all your tweets, retweets, Facebook posts etc. The app is very transparent about what factors are taken into consideration and lets you know how influential you are and how people are reacting to your content.

4. DrumUp: DrumUp is an intelligent content discovery and social media posting/scheduling app. It uses sophisticated NLP and machine learning algorithms to find stories of interest for a business’ audience and queues them for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The content can be edited and customized using the app.

5. SumAll: SumAlll is a social media management tool that analyzes your social media accounts and provides statistics and insights on them. The app lets you connect to a diverse range of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Instagram, Google+ and more. It measures your reach and visibility on social media, tracks your campaigns and gives you the ability to ascertain the success of them.

6. Canva: Statistics have shown us time and again that visually represented data has a wider reach and influence as compared to text-only data. Canva allows users to create informative and eye-catching graphics to share on various social media platforms. The app gives you the option to choose from the available templates or start with a blank canvas.

7. HowSociable: This tool lets you measure your business’ impact and activity on 36 popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram. The HowSociable magnitude scale assesses the level of activity surrounding your brand on social media. The minimum (0) implies that the brand has zero activity while the maximum (10) means that everyone using social media is aware of the brand.

8. IFTTT: If This Then That is another interesting tool that executes certain tasks once a few prerequisites are fulfilled. The app involves three things: tasks, triggers and actions. Tasks are actions that you want executed, triggers spark off the action you want the app to perform while the actions complete the tasks. After deciding on a trigger, you can choose your action channel from 35 supported Web apps and decide on the action itself. As the name explains it: if this happens then do that.

Having an active social media presence can be made a lot less time-consuming with the use of these apps. Staying relevant has never been easier.


Antara Krishnamurthy is currently pursuing a degree in media and communication. She is very passionate about digital social media marketing. Connect with her on Facebook :