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Technology Could Save the World, Some in IT Industry Believe

One of Hanson Robotics' lifelike robots.

Technology will be the world’s saving grace, not the cause of its destruction, according to a significant share of the IT industry.

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by the online IT job board CWJobs, found that 25 percent of respondents believe technology can be used to save the world.

The largest share, 57 percent, said IT and technology would have no impact one way or the other, while 13 percent were worried about its impact on the future.

Of those who believe technology will save the world, 80 percent said its biggest impact would be in health and medical advancements.

Other ways listed were:

  • Helping the environment (74 percent) (e.g. combating climate change)
  • Artificial intelligence (66 percent) (e.g. robots protecting humans)
  • Space (60 percent), (e.g. exploration, expansion and asteroid detection)
  • Evolution (43 percent) (e.g. technology making us more intelligent)

Of the 13 percent who were not optimistic about technology’s effect on the future, 74 percent believe it will prevent evolution and 27 percent say the Terminator plot and Skynet could become a reality in the future.

Other top IT industries could “obliterate the world” included:

  • Military and warfare (66 percent)
  • Artificial intelligence (44 percent)
  • Environment (38 percent)

Other concerns were: increased laziness due to reliance, privacy worries, mass unemployment due to automation of human jobs and creating ineptitude of social skills in younger generations.

The poll in its entirety can be seen here.

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