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Video Collaboration for Online Business Meetings

Modern technology has given birth to absolutely amazing advancements in wireless technology over the past few years, and they are transforming the ways businesses communicate with one another. It was not so long ago that businesspeople had to travel great distances, whether across town or across the ocean, to meet face-to-face with partners. Of course, conferencing via phone or e-mail has long been an option, but it simply cannot deliver the essential interpersonal flare that meeting in person does. Just recently, however, wireless technologies have evolved to a point where holding productive video collaboration sessions is possible. Video meetings capture the important interpersonal elements of face-to-face meetings but are quick and easy to co-ordinate and carry out. Below are several of the most attractive aspects of video collaboration used in online business meetings.

  • Establish a Bond – When conducting a meeting through an impersonal channel such as e-mail, instant message, or even phone, the participants can feel a barrier of sorts between themselves and the other, unseen, participants. It does not take a business genius to know that a team of collaborators in a meeting will be more productive if they trust each other and empathize with each other. Actually seeing the other participants’ faces, hearing their voices, and, consequently, fully understanding that “they are real people too” will bond the team together and increase their productivity in the meeting.
  • Foster More Effective Communication – Did you know that 55 percent of communication is non-verbal and another 38 percent is conveyed by tone of voice and other parts of speech apart from the words themselves? That means that, when your business uses a text-based online method such as IM or e-mail to collaborate, 90 percent of their communication’s potential potency is being lost. In other words, the communication that goes on during meetings that utilize video collaboration, where non-verbals and nuanced vocal tone can both be captured in crystal clear HD audio and video, is 10 times as effective at getting across a point as the same message is when it is posed in a text-based online conference.
  • More Than Just Video Chat – It is a common misconception that video collaboration software is only good for video chat, like Skype. In actuality, they can do so much more. They are designed from the ground up to be as helpful as possible in creating a welcoming virtual meeting space that is packed with features meant to increase productivity and easy to navigate. Anonymous poll-taking systems, integrated presentation tools, and simplified network monitoring are just a few of the features you can use to bring your meeting’s interactive value beyond even the level of face-to-face encounters.
  • Reinforce Leadership Capabilities – Leadership prowess is an important part of being a successful businessperson, especially when the person in question regularly collaborates with business partners. Having individual time in the spotlight to state one’s own ideas and persuade others to follow them will not exactly help teach leadership skills (that’s what leadership skills workshops are for), but it is an excellent way to reinforce existing leadership and bolster confidence. Video meetings allow an abundance of opportunities for each participant to have his or her own time in the sun, and this will go a long way toward improving the participant’s confidence for the rest of the meeting.
  • Create Camaraderie – Although the No. 1 priority in a business meeting is to maximize productivity, they should also be fun. This will create a freer flow of information, boost workplace morale, and contribute greatly to future business opportunities, much more so than other methods of remote conferencing, which are all less personal, video collaboration allows the participants to be witty, sarcastic, and fun with each other.
  • Quicker Meetings Equals Happier Employees – Someone who is happy with their job will perform better at the job. It is a basic rule of business management, and having the flexibility that meetings using remote video collaboration affords will definitely make employees happier with their meeting experiences. The incredibly easy-to-use mobile apps most video meeting providers offer make it easy for employees to participate fully in meetings from the comfort of their office cubicles, their living room couches, or their favorite coffee shops.

Thanks to a number of remarkable businesses, video collaboration that brings together all the great benefits outlined above is now easier than ever for businesses to adopt. You do not need to be a tech whiz to learn how to effectively use the more modern programs, and your business can use such programs for customer management or collaboration between internal partners. In short, modern wireless technologies have made video collaboration tools extremely powerful and your business should start using them sooner rather than later.

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