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July 14, 2015

2015’s Most Powerful Men in SEO

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SEO remains the most potent way to market your website over a long period. Those who say SEO is dead because of Google’s changes are simply throwing in the towel too early. It doesn’t spell the end of SEO. It spells a change in SEO.

There are many entrepreneurs who have successfully adapted. Let’s take a look at 2015’s most powerful men in SEO.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller has been one of the leading lights in SEO since 2007. He started his operations then and has managed to grow to become one of the most well-known figures in SEO. While many SEO masters have achieved results, Alex has done things differently.

For a start, he has shown himself as a success over a long period. He has managed to ride the waves of changes Google has implemented over the years. That’s why his clients can rely on him each and every time.

He prides himself on providing a personalized service to every client he works with. Alex works on discovering the intricacies of every business to provide them with the best results. It’s why so many people refer to him as an ‘SEO magician.’

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen works in a similar vein to Alex Miller. He has years of experience and he has worked with clients in a number of industries. Nevertheless, Andrew has also made a name for himself in the world of SEO education.

Teaching SEO is something that’s even harder to do than SEO itself. This is where you have to take a blank canvas and impart all the relevant knowledge in a way that people can understand. And that’s what Andrew has managed to do spectacularly.

Andrew regularly releases webinars to his subscribers to help them learn about the world of SEO as it is today.

He is also the creator of the famous ‘Forever Affiliates’ course. At heart, he specializes in affiliate marketing. While this is an area of SEO most people think has died, this is not the case. Andrew has proven the doubters wrong through continually adapting to Google’s new rules.

Jack Duncan

We could concentrate on the big players all day. The two figures covered so far both teach and provide clients from every industry a service. With that in mind, we are going to focus on someone who has become famous because of his individual tools.

Jack Duncan is well-known for releasing tools that enhance a client’s ability to boost their SEO marketing efforts. One recent creation was a tool that makes it easy to get a list of keywords for your chosen niche.

These tools are targeted more at the people who already have some idea of what they are doing, but they’re a fantastic addition to any budding SEO expert’s arsenal.

Matt Cutts

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning Matt Cutts. He is one of the most powerful men in SEO because he is at the heart of the most powerful search engine in the world. This software engineer is in charge of Web spam issues, which is why all new Google algorithm changes are nearly always announced through him.

Anyone in the business will follow this man extremely closely. It’s no surprise that his words are like gold dust, and thus websites continually attempt to dissect them and read between the lines.

While you’ll never be able to employ Matt to help improve your SEO efforts, you can learn a lot simply by reading his announcements.

In fact, we recommend subscribing to his social media updates because it will give you an idea of what Google is going to do next before everyone else does.

Rand Fishkin

Finally, we come to Rand Fishkin. His claim to fame is that he created the SEO blog Moz. This is one of the most authoritative blogs on the Web. It’s not connected to Google in any way, which makes this a great source of independent advice.

On the blog, you’ll find genuine tips on how you can improve. Furthermore, this is one SEO guru won’t land you with a big fat Google penalty. Rand is a man in the SEO business you can trust.

To demonstrate how important he really is, he has even given speeches at the headquarters of the United Nations, Facebook, and Microsoft.

A Learning Process

Ultimately, SEO is about learning over a long period. It’s not like learning how to count where once it’s done you have that information for life. SEO is an evolving industry. If you stop learning for a year, most of your current tactics will have become useless.

That’s why we recommend following gurus like those listed above. We have attempted to fill our list with SEO gurus from all areas of the business, from those who sell their SEO services to those who teach.

If you want to get better at SEO, it’s time to start following those who really know what they’re talking about. Connect with them today.


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